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  1. Played Ulags. Lost both legs 2-1 Both of us took France.
  2. I can't play today or Saturday. If he replies give him the walkover.
  3. No I've logged in daily Messaged him earlier as Well
  4. Pls play tonight. I can't play tomorrow.
  5. @Dan1987 when do u wanna play bro? I'm free on Wednesday and thursday night.
  6. Koldy 's video was the best How he owned the opposition team single handedly was worth watching. Kickass video i say. Koldy could u teach me how to play that well?
  7. I've been active in the forum Just haven't posted in a long time Old members ko extra vote milna chahiye. Better than new fake profiles.
  8. Bro, don't argue with him regarding Modiji. You'll lose your mind with his mind-numbing loyalty. 🤣
  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I wasn't even talking about HA. I was talking about zodka. Poor guy was enjoying the fake post so much and CC ruined it 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Why did u have to ruin it for the poor guy, CC? He was finally able to smile. Now you've sent him back to his hole. Not cool, man. This world would be a boring place without the bots.
  11. Mat lo gareeb ki. Bechara waise hi pareshan hogya video dekhkar. Let him be happy.
  12. Even i got it and sold it after 8 months. 😝
  13. M$ might just persuade me to get Xbox this Gen They've been hitting the right notes past 6 months.
  14. ^^ lol yea That's the only good thing about it
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