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  1. KickAssGamer

    The TV Decision Making thread

    32 should be fine since it's for his parents provided they only plan to watch normal DTH/cable content like news etc on it. Choose one from a reputable brand that's all.
  2. KickAssGamer

    What you bought this week

    Damn that's still a bit pricey I suppose, although it's only been a month since the game came out. Maybe sell it afterwards unless there are any future DLCs planned. Anyways have fun playing!
  3. KickAssGamer

    What you bought this week

    Did you manage to get it under 2k? 😛
  4. KickAssGamer

    This Damn Heat

    Overcast here in Cochin, Kerala. Temperatures have gone down, although still mostly humid throughout the day. Monsoon is around the corner so this is to be expected I guess.
  5. KickAssGamer

    Streaming Services thread

    Friend of mine recommend Elite (2018), it's a Spanish show which I recently started watching. About a group of three average students who get into a exclusive rich-kids school through scholarship after their old one collapses and things subsequently take a turn for the worse.
  6. KickAssGamer

    Streaming Services thread

    Precisely what I'm worried about too. Maybe they will add a seperate tier or modify existing ones to include Disney+ content.
  7. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

  8. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

  9. KickAssGamer

    Movie Discussion Thread

  10. KickAssGamer

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Ninja Gaiden II, Fable II, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and more get Xbox One X Enhanced
  11. KickAssGamer

    Random stuff from the internet.

    Be nice to each other, always. 😊
  12. KickAssGamer

    The PS5 and Next Xbox thread

    Yeah, but I wonder if they will incorporate the new ray-tracing tech onto the aforementioned games. Cuz honestly, that would be super great.
  13. KickAssGamer

    The Football Thread

    Hoping the same doesn't happen to Ajax, although we know De Light is leaving for Barca. Simply an amazing performance last night, hats off to the way they bounced back after that Ronaldo header. Great coordination among the players in the opposition half and top-notch defending. Absolute pleasure to watch this young team play.