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  1. Great video giving a tactical overlook of the finalists. That's all the incentive I would need haha. Finishing 3rd would still be a great achievement for the nation as a whole. I mean yeah it's unfortunate you couldn't be in the finals and all but atleast you made it this far. Might as well compete for 3rd place now.
  2. Germans keep pressing high leaving few to defend at the back and giving the opposition chance to counter. Hope they rectify their mistakes in the second half.
  3. Really nice channel covering PC gaming news and deals.
  4. That's what happens when you leave Messi at home. Levante scored some pretty nice goals. Coutinho's hatrick <3
  5. Oh god, hope this never happens again.
  6. Yep, if you liked the LiS and the characters then you'll HELLA like this prequel even without the rewind feature.
  7. I've just recently started playing it and I'm about 30% into the game. Lara looks amazing and the motion capture is done really well. Gameplay is improved over the first game and I'm totally hooked. Challenges are a drag but everything else is fun especially the tombs and other side missions. Maps and the locations are well designed and moving back and forth is a breeze. Really excited that a sequel is in development, can't wait for the official announcement. Also need to mention that the game is priced really good on Steam including all the DLCs so the choice of whether to get it is a no-brainer.
  8. KickAssGamer

    Beyond Two Souls

    69% off already on the Indian store. Don't think it's going to get any lower than this.
  9. To those still on Episode 2, Really great game btw. Would recommend everyone to purchase it. You get the bonus "Farewell" episode if you buy the Deluxe Edition so keep that in mind before you purchase.
  10. This was beautiful. Damn the feels. Song is called Wayfaring Stranger, it’s an old gospel/folk song.
  11. Biggest takeaways from TLOU Part II PSX Panel Neil confirms that SOMEONE is pregnant, just not who. Neil confirms we will see new footage, most likely gameplay, at E3 2018. Hannah Hart (host), said it blew her mind, both surpassing her expectations and setting new ones. Neil confirms that roughly 50-60% of the story is done. Yara and Lev are siblings, 16 and 13. Game takes place in Seattle for a good part.
  12. Prefer the old design tbh. This white design everywhere isn't suiting me well. Signature and feedback is gone too. Might need to fix that.
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