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  1. IVG is back finally! BTW, GOD of War release date confirmed for 20th April!
  2. http://www.gamesradar.com/god-of-war-wont-stop-with-norse-mythology-prepare-for-ancient-egyptian-and-mayan-locations-too/
  3. Hope it comes out on Mar. Sources say the release date got leaked. http://www.gamesradar.com/god-of-war-news/ Also regarding promotion, they have already done a lot. Many Youtube videos on the Norse gods and so on. And as @AtheK said, it wont take more than a month effort to get the fire started. Some more info on the game, leveling up of weapons is there. And this is the start of the Norse mythology. This will be followed by Egyptian gods, but not confirmed yet.
  4. Got the Pro from Dubai! Got the monitor from IVG. I dont enjoy playing in TV!
  5. Major upgrade! PS4 to PS4 pro! 23 inch monitor to 27 inch 4K monitor. https://imgur.com/a/gSl4s
  6. Yes, in online services you can see the accommodation and darshan ticket booking as well. FYI - You have to select the ladoos you want when you book darshan ticket. Dont miss on that, otherwise getting it is insanely difficult.
  7. There is no direct flight to Tirupati. If there is, yeah go ahead.
  8. 1.) Direct flight from Delhi to Chennai. (3.5 hrs i guess) 2.) Board the local train from Chennai Airport to Chennai central (30 mins) 3.) Train from Chennai to Tirupati (3 hrs) This is the shortest duration i can think of. Regarding Stay, the best one is the devastanam provided stay in Tirupati. You can book in their online page itself. Cheap and maintained at high standards. Thats where i stay whenever i have been to Tirupati.
  9. Nice, nice interview! Damn it, cant wait for the GOD OF WAR to come back!!!! Also, anyone who believes on Pre-order news on this game, thats not how players buy the game. They enjoy the story combined with the action and that is what drives the sales of this game.
  10. Aj69

    FIFA 18

    Very nice compilation bro. Hats off!
  11. Aj69

    Gaming PCs

    Thanks adi. I need to keep my Ps4 and pc as well. Hope I find one there
  12. Aj69

    Gaming PCs

    Guys, Anyone in chennai know a good place to buy computer table. Need a medium to big sized table. Have failed during the previous time trying to buy one.
  13. Aj69

    Gaming PCs

    Based out of chennai.
  14. Aj69

    Gaming PCs

    Yeah just realized there is a 3 to 1 hdmi splitter. Will opt for it. I already have a BENQ GL2460 monitor.
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