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  1. Yes they send back their own scratched discs and keep our good ones for themselves. Such a cheap tactic.
  2. It's like Flipkart, you feel it's good till it happens with you. What's really in question is their ethics.
  3. Had a poor experience with Gameloot very recently. Mint condition disc, which I checked before sending, was marked as scratched. Did get the game but they've changed my disc with their own scratched one and returned. Even the game case has a tear. Seems they are keeping the good discs. I'm done with Gameloot. Will either sell on the forum or else to a local shop. Atleast I can make sure I get my own disc in return.
  4. Yeah it's part of the problem, justifying actions to oneself.
  5. None at all, they just don't understand what games are meant for.
  6. Ofcourse they are, millions of dollars involved. But him being affected 1 week afterwards might have some intervening misadventure too. What is appalling is that they are using poor people, with little to no access to medical care, as guinea pigs. Getting vaccinated for getting 750 bucks. Real shame.
  7. Research participants and the innoculators don't know at the time of giving, but the researchers do know who got which one.
  8. I need some suggestions, i have a 1.5 year old male Labrador....he's humping everything nowadays, i've let him do that. I don't have the heart to get him neutered, besides a vet told me it would only effect his virility and not his libido. So how long would this phase last and how to calm him down during these days.
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