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  1. You either play COD or play “games” (plural) on the S
  2. that’s not what you meant earlier. This is true. But the fact remains out of the gate 667GB was an atrocious decision in the first place.
  3. It does. The disc is just an authenticator. Games are not streamed/played off the disc. They still need to be fully installed onto the internal ssd.
  4. Not bad to be 1st runner ups (in a bilateral series)
  5. You don’t. You go to JCB and get a Brazilian wax done on yourself as painfully as possible
  6. Nah these are ppl who are proud they barely manage to finish 8GB in a month on their el-cheap copper 16mbps plans. I was told “You know there are so many viruses, imagine how many will come on a 1000mbps connection?” 😒😒😒😒
  7. damn yes my memories are from a decade ago. No Amazon Flipkart at that time. Just the thrill of actually speaking to guys close to the recipient and trying to identify their likes and then going out and getting nice stuff 😄
  8. There are washed-up has-beens from the tv industry and small time actors. So yeah
  9. Last OT I promise: Mine wanted a high-level Airtel Exec come down to meet them and “convince” them of the benefits of upgrading “existing” members from copper to Fiber. I laughed it off and brought the local area engineer. One jackarse who was lobbying against it said “Agar Airtel Fiber mein JIO DTH de sakte ho toh bolo”. I tried to explain Airtel and Jio are rivals. No chance in hell they’ll join hands just to satisfy one society. Finally got up and said if I’m denied the right to internet in this manner it’s better we take this to the legal domain and I’m going to pause paying maintenance. And walked away. The next afternoon the society office called the Local Airtel node and gave them the green light to proceed. 😂😂😂😂 Didn’t expect this like AT ALL. But yeah I was full on ready to tear them to shreds in court over this.
  10. I knew there is no concept of reserved parking during the “interview” (they actually take an interview and make you submit your work bonafide letters) 😂😂 But the fact that I need to grovel and beg to be allowed to buy vehicle was conveniently and casually informed right after all the monetary dealings were done.
  11. I’ve derailed this thread enough. Apologies. Let’s get back to COVID
  12. arre bro like I said no reserved parking unless the buyer bought it straight off the builder. That’s not the point. The point is taking “permission” to buy a vehicle from your society. Unless the society is giving a better car-loan with 0% interest why should that even be flying?
  13. yeah this year might be tough for many folks to send out couriers.
  14. Does Dan still organise the secret Santa around here? He used do a decade ago. Remember the awesome gifts we used to get for each other. I once found a limited edition Godfather wallpaper because I knew my guy would be thrilled. Forgot it in the back of the auto 10 mins after buying it.
  15. We definitely need one. In my case when the Airtel Fiber guys came to run the final Fiber to my flat, the duct key conveniently went missing for almost an hour. I was about to threaten full frontal nudity if I didn’t my goddamned Fiber installed
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