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  1. That's some poor choice of words. I didn't return to the forum after a decade to rage quit. But personal attack against family is something i could neither digest nor retaliate given my reputation so decided to humbly walk away. And whatsapp you of all people should know why i quit. I've made mistakes and have been a bad person but that was a decade ago. People deserve a chance to redeem. And i'm grateful i got to relive the memories in Dec and getting a chance to apologize to Athek finally. I don't mind however you judge me but the least you can do is not malign a broken man already.
  2. Yes no issues. Comes with a 2 pin plug.
  3. @Assassins Creed Jaa ConicalBreast jee le apni zindagi aaj raat. 1st from right is @quixote_1989
  4. Should've taken a bath today. Damn this summer heat.
  5. I don't like bikes = Don't have a helmet. And God damn this place doesn't have a Want to Borrow thread.
  6. Someone pls ask Sir to unblock me on Twitter #SirPSVR2when https://blog.playstation.com/2021/03/03/ps-vr-spotlight-returns-today/#sf243590039
  7. We are paying for the Ultimate service. We will demand PS exclusives also on GP
  8. I still have a chance. My name had popped 1st
  9. Tagging @quixote_1989 for research purposes only
  10. Kyu khelna hai yeh firango wala game? I'll download it only if they celebrate naag-panchami and save their "flowers" for Karwa Chauth
  11. That video is why I manscape every week.
  12. I platted this game with a speed run. Benefit of marrying my childhood bestie.
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