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  1. Arre haa didn’t read well. Still knocked out with the heavy head and other effects. Anyways jo bhi mil raha hai le lo. No point waiting for a better one. And this is not a time to argue about FALD and oled
  2. At least FALD is safe. Yaha toh Sony lit a torch right down their fan-boi's bums (burn-in)
  3. Congrats bro. It works. Aisa band baja deta hai body ka ki poocho mat. But all for a good cause. So have to just put up with it. Strangely no elders on either side had any effects with covi. But both me, wife and friends at work had one or more major side effects. Says a lot about the resiliency of us younger folks Covaxin is FALD. Covishield is OLED. Yikes just re-read you chose covax.
  4. Jain not Sharma
  5. Nahi re. Only those who wanted to feel important by playing exclusives bcos they own a new-gen console… unko mirchi lagi hai. Thoda time mein normal ho jayega.
  6. The point is ps fans who until dinner time last night were ga ga how PS5 is the next best thing since elastic underwear suddenly found themselves “airlifted” back down to earth. I’m not a rabid fan boi. At least not with consoles. But there’s many who can’t stop laying the hate on the “other” console as if it’s their birthright. Even when they have no intention of buying it. That’s why this is fun. Baaki
  7. Aye complex pe mat jaiyo My complex had placards put “Dogs are requested to not poop in complex premises” until a year ago.
  8. We are happy to play a lot of games. Enhanced and actually taking advantage of the new gen
  9. don’t worry about xbots bro. We are sorted. Aapka dukaan kal raat ko jal gaya
  10. He was referring to hardware. SW on the other hand spans across generations.
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