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  1. Played and completed it on pc during launch last year. Absolutely loved it. Despite going development hell circle, the game turned out amazing and I had little expectations. The game improved upon its predecessor both in terms of gameplay and graphics. I haven't tried Haus DLC, maybe I will once the other story DLC is out. Base game is enough fun and it is what Dead Rising 4 should have been but didn't.


    Because of this, Dying Light 2 has a free weekend on Steam which is good for gamers.

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  2. Unless there is a surgery photo of a wrestler immediately after he is injured, the injury is not necessarily 100% real, it can be work. Maybe Punk's situation is not known, not as worse as it was made out to be. 

  3. 11 hours ago, Big Boss said:

    Bc why did they start with women's rr :sleep:

    That's the order for the last 4-5 RR PLE. Loved both Royal Rumble matches. No wasted spots. It is exactly how I envisioned HHH's RR to be.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Pushy said:

    yup, and i purchased Taj Mahal, just misplaced it's receipt tho.


    also, m not going to read what lawsuit or sheetsuit any1 is putting up against Vinnie or Brock or whoever, because
    1. it's an ENTERTAIMENT industry (every1 knows the OTHER/DARK side of it)

    2. both the parties benefitted at one point or the other ( if true i.e.)

    3. he's a fk'n dinosaur of his Field, and brains which only u, i or any1 alive could wish for.


    Sorry I would never wish a brain like Vince ever. Never liked him and never will.


    20 hours ago, abhi90 said:

    Nobody can prove it but you can mention what it is as a rumour


    He was directly involved in someone's murder during the 80s. Very few people knows this and Roman's father and uncle leveraged this to get him to main event spot, long before he was ready or deserving.


  5. Download the entire lawsuit details here which has screenshots of texts and a lot more which WSJ could not cover



    I hope Vince goes away from WWE for forever and Brock does not get to come back or feature in WM40. Vince is a big piece of sh!t. Many don't know this, unless you were following wwe news during the WM where Seth cashed in on Brock-Roman match. Anoa'i family was royally pissed and they threatened Vince to reveal his darkest secrets. Vince promised a significant title reign for Reigns which is what is going on. This lawsuit is not the only dirt one may have on Vince. The one which I am talking about has been deleted from internet, so I won't mention it because I cannot prove it. Those who read it, knows what it is.

  6. 2 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Not interested in any of these, but I haven't yet played Pentiment, so that will be up next. 

    Atomic Heart is something I am looking forward to. I think it will be excellent, could be my early goty. Shadow Warrior 3 is amazing too. Best part of the game is first-person traversal. You will love it if you enjoy that.

  7. 5 hours ago, Pushy said:

    RAW intro pyro - check

    SD intro pyro - check

    SD intro theme changed - check

    WWE is getting lit aghainnnnn :happydance:

    It has been better since HHH took over the main roster. He brought back over 20 wrestlers I think

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  8. 4 hours ago, Kirti said:

    Is it true that in flipkart if its mentioned in the product page about the genuinity of the product, than it's an original one. Like It's not mentioned in every product page of the same brand(s) only some have it. I have noticed that Asics has this thing mentioned in each of their product but not in Nike, Puma, etc.

    Did your's had it ?

    I have the same doubt after noticing similar stuff for Asics, Nike etc.

  9. 1 hour ago, blitzkreiig said:

    I have been trying to get a 5TB HDD for quite sometime. The f**king price increased from 7999 to 8699 in the name of Republic day sale. Ye kaisa sale hai :thumbdown:
    Amazon learning tricks from Flipkart 

    Seagate 5 TB White went for 5K in flipkart few days ago. I didn't try because I didn't need it. It lasted for only few minutes

  10. 5 hours ago, Root said:

    Guys, I have couple VISA virtual gift cards I wanted to combine them and shop but amazon doesn't allow me to purchase gift cards or add money to amazon pay by using it.


    How can I claim these cards? They expire in a month.

    You cannot combine them afaik. I used them in Amazon US. It's a like a regular CC/DC. Can you combine two to make a single purchase? Nope, same way you cannot do it with a virtual one either. Gift card purchase should be possible. Try different variants, e-gift cards/email gift cards/send gift cards in various method, something's gotta work. Add money to amazon pay will not work because it auto detects as foreign cc even though it might be not because afaik VISA gift cards are still not officially available here, I might be wrong though.

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