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  1. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"
  2. The Batman


    Just finished the game on the second run. Pros Excellent Audio Excellent performance Excellent Voice acting Beautiful & haunting visuals Attention to detail Very good Lore Good story Satisfying combat Nice pacing Value for money Unique experience Cons Game breaking bug at the end in Hellheim +/- Could have been lengthier (perhaps Sony wants Kratos to kill all nine heims Gods). However, the current length is alright. Enjoyed my first playthrough in one sitting taking my own time to proceed. Took about 9 hrs. 2nd playthrough was about 6 hrs
  3. Finished the game. The final act was amazing. Kept me hooked throughout. Overall, Great game with an end very close to being epic.
  4. The Batman

    Titanfall 2

    Discount codes on psn pls...
  5. The Batman

    Titanfall 2

    Anyone with discount codes?
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