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  1. Yeah. Quite time consuming.But I think I spent more time playing GT6 because of GT Academy and then I went back to plat GT5 ,and it was a breeze except the 4 24Hr time consuming races.
  2. Iceman™

    Gran Turismo 7

    El Capitan is all I want and I believe I saw the hint somewhere in the trailer.
  3. ND is not what it used to be. They are f**ked up since the making of UC4
  4. Killing both the main characters from first game.Not buying this game just to play as a villain. ND has messed up badly. And thank god whoever leaked the game , saved me $59.99 The story of revenge is f**ked up. Its a flop game. I am a big fan of "the last of us" the characters, MP ,the story. But this is a huge flop.
  5. Text me on PSN. I can join if I am free. 1730 IST is early Sunday morning for me.
  6. Playing on PS4. I see infinite loading time when i press X. Any solutions?
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