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  1. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/gtp_wrs-week-1-flooding-the-boards.407498/?fbclid=IwAR0J8HuXZPMwlcAdMZxoxkiAmgs4w-Mvrol4AHdo2q6TpUKfZQY20SZZaQA
  2. Alonso was on a stunner of a lap
  3. https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/gtp_wrs-online-races-gt7-race-1-spa-ctacular.406346/ The GTP official races have begun next race is tomorrow. Races are clean and some superfast drivers
  4. Looks like Sir Lewis Hamilton left his talent in W12 from last year.
  5. Sir Lewis Hamilton is a great driver and I expect him to be atleast P3 by lap 50 in today’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.Making this judgement because of the miraculous driving skills in 2021 Brazilian Grand Prix
  6. George bringing out Latifi out of Hamilton
  7. So I have been slaughteing pigeons in sport mode .How long and what is the fastest way to get the DR go up ?
  8. https://fb.watch/bZWpI2Slpw/ One of the best radios ever
  9. The only good thing about the Mclaren is ,google sponsored wheel covers
  10. Pretty sure it was in GT5
  11. looks like you got an extra zero in there
  12. Gold on licenses finally. Can shave off a second or two off the S10 license test . But I will save that for later.
  13. Have got it for both . Will be playing on PS4 until I can find a Five
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