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  1. Why is it nitpicking ? It’s a major flaw in his game. Most elite strikers have the ability to get past defenders in a tight space and score.
  2. umm he only scores most of the time when defenders are out of position. he doesnt do much when he's marked properly.
  3. Break the deadlock in games more often. And have an impact on the game the game is evenly balanced.
  4. City would have won the title anyway now that we know they won all their games.
  5. It was 8 points with a game in hand which city won btw. And arsenal still had to play at the etihad so it was only a 2 point gap.
  6. Got a new lens for my Fuji camera. Sigma 56mm.
  7. Visited Pondicherry for the first time.
  8. The slow AF on the fuji could be lens. Though im not so sure. And the xt4 with the 27mm lens is extremely compact and easy to carry. So you can get shots in places where photography is "not allowed".
  9. I think it's gpu dependant. My 3070 does it in 20 seconds
  10. You should consider getting the Canon R7 The autofocus is on par with the very best.
  11. @Bird Bird Bird is that the z6ii ?
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