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  1. The slow AF on the fuji could be lens. Though im not so sure. And the xt4 with the 27mm lens is extremely compact and easy to carry. So you can get shots in places where photography is "not allowed".
  2. I think it's gpu dependant. My 3070 does it in 20 seconds
  3. You should consider getting the Canon R7 The autofocus is on par with the very best.
  4. @Bird Bird Bird is that the z6ii ?
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2022/jul/20/tesla-second-quarter-earnings-elon-musk So much for the diamond hands
  6. Share the photos that are getting oversharpened with auto settings. I've rarely seen that happen.
  7. Image quality from apcs setups are very close to FF these days. Personally, my favourite focal lengths are 24mm and 40mm. The nikon 24 1.8 goes for 80k while the sigma 16mm goes for 30K. It's hard to justify the extra cost imo. That said the 24-70 f4 is the best travel lens on the market and it's all you'll really need, so you cant go wrong with it. Both are great options
  8. Depending on the photos you want to take, you'll need proper lighting equipment. Plenty of youtube tutorials for that.
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/13/embattled-crypto-lender-celsius-informs-state-regulators-that-its-filing-for-bankruptcy-imminently-source-says-.html?__source=androidappshare Ouch.
  10. Topaz Sharpen AI. Just open a folder of images in the software and with one click it does the rest.
  11. Took these with the X-E4, same sensor as x-T4. \
  12. @Bird Bird Bird Fuji is great if you shoot both photos and video. The film simulations are amazing. And another advantage of fuji are the small, lightweight lenses. Though I'd get sony if I shot video only. I wouldn't look into image quality at this point though, those AI sharpening tools and median are magic and make $300 lenses look like $2000 lenses.
  13. It's too risky for me so I won't be investing. It may go to $100k or zero, who knows ? But I won't regret it even if it does go to the moon.
  14. This post gets funnier every passing day lmao. Down ~30%.
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