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  1. >Tries To get attention


    bad luck borken penis

  2. Look look what do we have here !!

    me wot m8! u noe wot! its just that knot is caught on fire

  3. :rofl: no idc :3 man :D

    Birthday khtam ho gaya :ha:

    chal tc :) ye sab toh chalta rehta hai :3

  4. Why didnt you expected wishes from me :( . I am not bad :|


  5. Not 17 Anymoar B)

    Happy Birthday! Uncle B)

  6. Notifications are annoying arnt they?

  7. Ha bas i too know that!! bas kisi aur ke muh se tarif sunni thi


  8. How does it feel like to be famous :|

  9. dude pm me your number!! Anshul wants it (owner of play 360)

  10. thanks... done..now transferring :) just needed to download the last 12-14 mb missing which was giving the error :) hope it works now :)

  11. ur pc is off torrent 99.9% :3

    Shiiiieeet :|

  12. 3 spank for ank ke 3 chakhde ke B)

  13. who are you? you alive? anky :spank: :spank: :spank:

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