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  1. 9 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:


    Don't give him hopes dude, Spidey, CEL 240 and many other AC's will ruin his day. Just keep at it @gamer_adi and don't fall for Tank cheese. 

    No need tank, he can still do it in Bi Pedal or Quad.. now that they have done some nerfing it should be easy to beat.. but he is trying to beat without buying things in the store woh thoda mehennga padega…

  2. 7 minutes ago, gamer_adi said:


    Gave another 90 mins. to it bruh, this sh*t is tough, will give it another shot in a day or two.


    2nd build was with whatever stuff i got from doing missions. Normally i avoid getting stuff from stores on 1st playthrough, Balty is pushing me to go against tradition and get the best i can from the buying for my 3rd set of weapons and shield. I will still be bi-pedal for the entire playthrough, i refuse to change that.



    thoda rules change karna padega bhai for Balty, after this the game is breeze.

  3. 2 minutes ago, KunjanPSD said:

    That's unheard of.

    Basically he was charged the amount post cashback/discount and pre-interest at the time of the swipe?



    That is always the case for No Cost EMI. Merchant gives interest discount which is the swipe value.. 


    Bank converts that into a loan.. full loan term (including interest) = cost of the product

  4. 1 hour ago, KunjanPSD said:

    You should have raised this to HDFC, if your slip mentioned EMI then it's their duty to convert it.

    You also lost any savings which would have come because of the preclosure.


    I would advise to send HDFC grievance a stern email and ask them to compensate you for charging all the money at once and not according to the EMI T&C. I hope you still have the slip. 

    You can even go to RBI if HDFC doesn't offer you anything. This is incorrect charge on your card and it doesn't get any worse than this.


    For EMI, you will have an entry for 199+GST, sometimes it can be included in one of the installments and not charged separately. Check if the original amount swiped has this extra fee or not.


    Send a mail to HDFC grievance, show them the slip. Tell them it was never converted and you kept following up with CC and now it's been enough, you need compensation for the incorrect charge else you will go to RBI.


    no bhai, what amount he got swiped is the discounted interest amount already, I have spoken to him before


    I think he is good here, nothing got converted and he paid the loan amount pre-conversion.. so he is neither better off not worse off

  5. 13 hours ago, AnK said:

    Where can I find the best deal on LG C2 55”?!?


    I saw many ppl posting getting it around 1lkh/- 


    That ship has sailed bro, You should have tried when we were having those discussions few months back..


    Anyways check whats the offer right now on LG India official website..  make an account there.. add the TV to cart and Wait

    .. Customer rep will call you and try to make you a sale.. negotiate with him to give you a best offer... see what he gives and come back here. Check for the most longest no cost emi available 

  6. 13 minutes ago, gamer_adi said:

    2 hrs down the drain, won't be able to complete chapter 1 without upgrading AC, it seems hmm...


    Try try hoga.. we have all been there.. 


    U can beat him easily if you make the tank build but that is too OP as well..  so try without that..Cash can be farmed in chapter 6 easily.. 

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