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  1. Less backtracking actually and more of unlocking shortcuts.. Game is a total blast.. one of the completionist games for me..
  2. 1000 pages of shitposting.. To all the MoDs and ShitPosters
  3. Hindi audio is there now.. only few places it's English when you choose Hindi audio..
  4. Plat Done want a sequel
  5. #22 Had to do two speed runs, first one wasted time in slums.. second one about 1 hour 52 mins, not sure how ppl are doing in 90 mins.. the second hour of the game you feel NPCs are not moving and clock is ticking
  6. Black is sold out.. all links are above in that Twitter link
  7. From Netflix.. Here Original is a multichannel surround which is 5.1 basically and if you have a stereo system it defaults to 2.1
  8. Damn this know this.. when the device doesn't support Atmos it will play in 5.1 surround which will pretty much sound similar... thats why take a demo of both Bar 9.1 and 5.1 and see the difference.. for a smaller place 5.1 should be good enough.. DTS tracks doesn't exist pretty much in streaming world these days..
  9. Any cats watching game reacts you can share ?
  10. Are you sure it was because of $ rate ? this happened sometime back and its not like MS will reduce the price once exchange rate is reduced right ?
  11. Haha we have spoken before over PMs Recommended him a Bar 5.1 @kaka_messi I really don't suggest getting these expensive things from abroad as warranty is a concern.. If you don't want to go true surround right away then check out Klipsch Cinema 600 and Cinema 800.. You can take the demo in Cinebels, Bangalore
  12. Yep, felt the same like once that police guy sequence starts again the animation are quite diff
  13. Indeed.. took a while but pattern is same.. so even if u get caught play the whole thing so can keep getting better ..
  14. Enhanced edition out as well, Also please buy the game to support local talent..
  15. I doubt the plates stock is minimal like it was projected, still its not sold out or ppl aren;t buying them ps: cancelled mine too White is Better
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