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  1. And they all were rightfully banned, I don't remember anyone being called Choothiya and still not banned.. Phu**I kya hai ? Mere Bhai, just because you don't redirect that towards specific person you did say that towards specific group of ppl who worship that camp.. and that cannot just slide like that.. whether you use it towards specific person or no one and just talk in Air.. it doesn't matter.. keep your language clean and talk whatever you want.. just because you also use local direct to say things don't think it won't go unnoticed.. keep it civil.. no one wants to read third class level words here.. Can trigger say something like P(Ponies)KMKB and get away with it ? No he won't so report them if you see it first and ill Ban them..
  2. Big Move Aren't you the same guy who was planning to buy Lou2RM
  3. Later 2024 is what they said.. looks quite deep in development.. hope they market this well
  4. Finally Finally a worthy Title !! I hope there is a timed PS release too.. this one is gonna Sell !!
  5. Pre-Ordered Upgrading from 2018 Flagship Note 9
  6. https://www.threads.net/@completexbox/post/C2Kw3mrIGHg/ September 5th 2024
  7. Part II will take time.. Neel will now dive into NTR's next and then it could be either KGF3 or Salaar II
  8. Man, the Ubisoft+ is still not working for me on Xbox
  9. Saalon, Sankranti aagaya ab tak Secret Santa chala rahe ho..
  10. Nov and Decembe, I never ever plan vacation with long weekend combined, every place will be crowded af, traffic on roads if a road trip, overpriced stays etc. Typically my vacations are in Nov-Dec where I block good 2-3 weeks and pick weekdays for travel..
  11. Amazing Demo !! Looking forward to play the full game
  12. If the station also included then 90 CAD seems too good to be true
  13. Finally!! Get rid of your old controllers.. CEX is paying 3,400 cash or 4,400 voucher
  14. Damn, must be some internal error then but even on Web..
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