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  1. And Done !! such a Beautiful game
  2. Done, get to work.. Post in VS thread but.. And don't short sell yourself.. there's always demand for creative work..
  3. It ran OK but with VRR it fixed even that problem and runs super smooth..
  4. DLC is standalone right? Don't want to buy the base game again...
  5. If you go with same expectations you won't like it but the characters are strong in Vikram.. Even I didn't like it that much as I went with high expectations but for Kamal/Setupathi/Fazil fans its something else.. Remember you also didn't like KGF initially untill the hype around Chapter 2 surfaced... I still rate KGF Chapter 1 higher than Chapter 2..
  6. Agree, would have messed up lot of things..
  7. The screen shots doesn't make justice, game looks gorgeous in motion.. one of the first jumpy moments... Minor Spoilers..
  8. who did the fake leaks then ? 🤖 👾
  9. Totally snoozefest game.. Until Dawn is milessss ahead...
  10. Reached the city after subway.. The lighting and colors are just next level
  11. You can.. that's how you make most of it.. only downside for you is you can share everything except the cloud saves
  12. Yaas I am not able to zoom that innocent face 😑
  13. so the melee attacks have no effect, LoU2 is milesssss ahead in melee attack physics and effects.. It was actually the most RAW in gaming..
  14. Yes, bunch of ScamG folks got at launch.. might be jumping on MP from next week..
  15. Nurturing done right
  16. Came to office today
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