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  1. Bacchon ke Saath itna time khel raha hai toh Balty ke saath tera kya hoga..
  2. That is for 100% otherwise 20-25 hours based on skills and build.. Game has 58 missions in total First playthru you can unlock 38, to play ALL the missions you just do NG+ and NG++ and it will also give you 3 endings.
  3. Finished 4 chapters, Last chapter to go !
  4. Lol what, you get PLENTY of money and farming money is super easy and quick
  5. Looks like an NG+ Build, Ya bro Mad boss for sure.. stage 2 attacks are mental
  6. Build after chapter 1, If you are struggling farm Monies and build a OP.. The first chapter final boss is really a pain if you want to dodge n kill him..
  7. Tough Mothaf**ka.. Nailed in 70 seconds.. Being aggressive and close to him is the way
  8. Chapter 1 end boss - Game breaking Boss
  9. +1 Snoozefest
  10. Game is sooo f**king good !!! Died to the first boss few times, FromSoft game Truly
  11. This game is hard. There are boss battles that took me an entire day to beat. But I was so in sync with the controls and action, everything else about life fades away as I began to feel one with my robot. @quixote_1989
  12. Will support DLSS3.5
  13. ActiBlizz game bruh, same pricing on consoles too but what is surprising, every year same pricing hai
  14. Just take PC game pass I guess.. the GPU scam is still available but will give you benefit of 3:2, if you buy 3 years of XBL Gold, you will get 2 years of GPU, so do the math if PC game pass or GPU
  15. S Rank ones should be easy in Co Op
  16. Wait Whattt, gotta wait Tuesday for official
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