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  1. https://gamerant.com/stray-release-time-what-time-play-unlock-when/ 8:30 PM
  2. Not really, it should be with the local time regardless of the region.. one way to find out in 3.5 hours
  3. Not even available for purchase..
  4. Is this unlocking at midnight? Not planning to watch any reviews..
  5. Could be your party chat setting also., even I had that issue when I was playing Elden Ring with @psinide It feels weird if he is playing co op and he is talking to you and you are answering but its not heard on stream..
  6. FAIL, can't hear your voice.. and..mmm mmmm
  7. Standard edition will be flooded everywhere in November and in December TP will be flooded in December..
  8. @WhatsInTheName and his Fridge Fetish
  9. Yes, you can feel the pussy in hand..
  10. 2024
  11. Thats when Sony cut the budget I guess..
  12. Biome 5 itself is a Boss Fight.. there are a some crazy areas especially the challenge room (not optional )
  13. I hope RE4 does 15 Million I rather have classic remakes than tatti games like Days Gone..
  14. Without GST ?? Also the reason to fail is mostly International transactions not enabled on your card.. The MS transactions doesn't ask for OTP..
  15. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/07/15/getting-to-know-strays-leading-feline-out-july-19/
  16. Don't even think about it, If you try to order Horizon FW Collectors from Amazon US, it adds shipping and customs of $172. Best is to have someone bring it for you if they have the luggage space..
  17. This is just for collection and I will sell the code, someone will get it for me when they come during year end will be still buying a digital or local copy for Day 1 purposes.. Also GTS has given hint of CE here, if that comes will cancel this order... Also not 11th 9th
  18. Locked at GameStop US
  19. Highly unlikely that this is going to happen with so much more time on hand.. Either ways this isn't a game where one will sit and wait out for a patch to come.. GoW also had Day Zero patch so we can expect the same to add all these last min stuff..
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