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  1. Congratss brother!! Congrats to Akshay as well! Second game was 8-5 to you haha Also thank you so much Bharat bhai for hosting!!
  2. I'm following you <3 Btw vvwp Nikhil, i thought you were a new Nikhil haha, too good, good luck in the champions league <3
  3. Im in but i will start latest by the 15th if that's fine, as i'm not in my city, will probably come there by the 15th. Name: Sanwal Memon Psn:SanwalCR9 Team: Manchester United
  4. Great format! Name: Sanwal Memon Psn id: SanwalCr9 Team: Manchester United
  5. Played Sudhir, Sanwal 3 -4 Sudhir Sudhir 11 - 0 Sanwal vwp!
  6. Played Az bhai before i went up north, think about 10 days ago, Scores were both to Azaan bhai, Az 3-1 San Az 3-1 San Ty for that brother, had a flight to catch next day and he was so accommodating and told me not to miss out on that. Thought i wouldn't come back before the first, but because of the snow blockages, here now. Thanks again @Stevie G Only @Sudhirnow
  7. Played sar 6-5 and 4-2 Played Armaan lost 5-1 and won 3-2 <3
  8. Confirmed, too good <3 Gl for your games too!
  9. Nevermind, oc will decide on it.
  10. A. Name: Sanwal Memon B. PSN ID: SanwalCr9 C. Team: Manchester United To those who don't know this is the most important tourney for many of us..
  11. To my knowledge, i think you do but i think it's only on the Ultimate version.. Just checked, it is
  12. I think you confused Sarwaans name with me He should be at the bottom.... Thanks for all the effort Bharat bhai <3 Bring it on in fifa 22
  13. Confirmed, vwp Rishabh! Gl everyone for your games!
  14. I lose almost every game by 10 goals, i'm the perfect one
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