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  1. Sorry, was not able to use the insert image feature
  2. Its here friends. Came 1.5 hrs back but I was on a call
  3. Can you pls share his number with me? A close friend needs a PS5 unit. Thanks
  4. Sorry brother. My 'glass half-empty' opinion stemmed from the cancellation fiasco. I was quite sure that they will screw up at the last minute. So my sense of relief was targeted towards the last leg. I am sure you will also get your hands on a PS5 very soon
  5. You are right. Delhivery website says 3rd Feb but email says 4th. In either case, RD has surpassed my expectations by a significantly huge margin Sent from my GM1911 using Tapatalk
  6. Got an email from RD and it says Shipped...shipped...shipped . Coming from Gr. Thane. Estimated date of delivery is 4 Feb. Should arrive sooner as I am in Mumbai Sent from my GM1911 using Tapatalk
  7. Good to see that there is some movement on RD front. Hopefully, this update will follow for other folks who bought from RD (fingers crossed). Congrats!
  8. Same for me. Still says confirmed How did you get to know about the status change (invoiced)? Twitter?
  9. Hi guys, what are the chances of RD order getting cancelled now? I know there isn't anything like 100% surety but if I have to put a number on probability of the cancellation what would it look like? Also, did RD cancel all the XSX orders in the first 3 days?
  10. What time and where is the sale expected to happen?
  11. This is like slow death Mine still says 'confirmed' but I am losing hope
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