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  1. Game working after BIOS update and running as administrator + disable full screen optimizations.
  2. 2700x , 16GB Almost done now, it's downloading some more data too. Edit : Unable to launch, and apparently no one has found a workaround for the launcher issue yet.
  3. 2700x , 16GB Almost done now, it's downloading some more data too.
  4. Almost there... (taking longer to decrypt than it did to download, gotta love first world problems)
  5. Happy Diwali everyone!
  6. Nice 'oops' by Toys R Us. I already have a PS4 pro that I barely game on fml.
  7. With the assumption that malware is behind this, get control of your account and edit these posts. @ALPHA17 please keep an eye on the thread and user. Peace.
  8. Happy new year to the IVG family.
  9. Glad you liked it!!! On that note, I also got my gifts - Horizon Zero Dawn : Complete Edition and some clothing accessories for the kids. Thank you Deepak CJ for the awesome and thoughtful gifts !
  10. Merry Christmas and happy new year to the IVG family. Stay warm and keep gaming!
  11. Ordered gift for Banta (no gift message tho...)
  12. Tip for Santa : We have a new baby girl, so toys etc. for baby's first year will be much appreciated. On the gaming front, just got a ps4 pro, have mostly older games. Also, who is sending the Miley calendars and questionable paraphernalia to Abhinit this time??
  13. Nice, thanks for doing this again, Abhinit. Count me in.
  14. Been there, done that. (Nutrition-wise, not that far removed from diner breakfasts, tbh)
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