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  1. Them Battlefeels

  2. Who's that rider? John the Revelator.

  3. Life is a Battlefield. I mean, Battlefield 3...

  4. Perfect. I was meaning to add you but the moment I switch on the PS3 I end up starting the game and then everything else is a blur :P

  5. Add me up on PSN/SEN : piperdaddy . I don't play RDR anymore, just BF3 for now.

  6. Is that you, mein brĂ¼der?

  7. @Imps3d : PM me, bro :)

  8. Thanks, Johnson. Wish you a Happy New Year as well. I'm good, hope you are too.

  9. Yeah Mizan, fine with the BF3 tourney.

  10. @Crimson-Ivy : Am cool how you been?

  11. Hope NFS:HP worked fine for you. I received MOH from that guy you'd asked. Will hand it over to you once done. Take care, bro.

  12. Welcome to IVG!

  13. piper

    Dude, feedback!

  14. Welcome to IVG, veere!

  15. Given feedback, do reciprocate :)

  16. Hi there! Just dropped by to say hi and good luck.

    To jog your memory... 32" Bravia + PS3 yesterday... Whitefield... so next time just relate me (piper) and the buyer (mittu) with our ids at IVG.

    And... you rock, dude! Thanks for the great advice on gaming.

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