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  1. Man, that was a long trailer. Didn't look like there were too many 'futuristic' gimmicks. Will preorder - maybe through Steam (it uses Origin client then too, right?).
  2. Some of us take longer than 10 seconds ... to comment
  3. That countdown is the remaining time before BFV goes from 'most broken MP game' to the gem that BF 2042 will be compared with.
  4. A doctor friend in Bangalore said for the first time in 2 months they had empty beds in ICU. Hopefully all of the bad Covid numbers trends downwards from here.
  5. Do the Harry Potter Illustrated Editions count ? (Inducted my older one into the world of HP - bought all 4 illustrated ones. Now revisiting the movies a 3rd time as a result)
  6. Having played an 'ancient' game like GOW 3 using both DS4 and Dualsense interchangeably (ds4 buttons are softer, makes some of the button mashing tasks easier)...the basic rumble (not triggers) itself is vastly improved. On the DS4, vibration was distracting. Same played on Dualsense felt immersive.
  7. That lasted a millisecond. One thread below had 2500 folks viewing at one point. https://forums.redflagdeals.com/walmart-sony-playstation-5-ps5-stock-11est-dec-3-2425348/
  8. Dualsense buttons (especially ∆, X, etc) are not as soft/easy to press as DS4. In GoW3 remastered, one of the levels (piano harp) I ended up using my DS4 to complete it. (Yes, I'm playing a PS3 gen game on the PS5) Also, facing issues arising from HDCP. The darn thing uses 2.3 and now my Android box (MiBox) refuses to coexist with it at times. Have had to unplug one to use the other.
  9. "Taiwanese man sells PS5 after wife realizes it's not air cleaner." Source : https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/4065601 They know!
  10. Sorry, haven't tried it, never used external storage for PS4 either.
  11. Say what you will, the PS3/X360 gen was great for gamers. Both consoles sold near equal amounts. It will be excellent if PS5/XSX can punch above whatever weight class they both seem to be in right now. If only they could be shrunk in size... placing both new consoles in a single entertainment cabinet is a challenge.
  12. Well, why not just charge with one of the many USB-C chargers lying around?
  13. 6800 and XT sold out in 3 minutes here. Dayum.
  14. Agreed. The teams performance has hit a new Löw
  15. On the flip side, by the time they launch in India - at least some of the launch issues will be sorted out through updates, or be understood well-enough to know if launch model is A-ok or not.
  16. Spain 6 - 0 Germany Thoughts, @Joe Cool (assuming you still root for them).
  17. I always power it off - but will disable the automatic rest mode too. And UC4 is on internal storage.
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