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  1. 16:10 onwards😂 From
  2. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    Got risk runner..it's great.. Any other good & easy to get exotic gun with catalyst. How good is huckleberry or bad juju is it easy to get. Has mag reload on kills and damage increase. Any Good sniper and scout rifle?
  3. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    I have not used any resources still. Have lots of grimmer and but have not upgraded any armor or guns. Will do pain and gain quest. Thanks for all the advice.
  4. rajprdp

    FIFA 2020

    Got it for cheap. Played few games. 1.defending through balls to side of the cbs when close to box is impossible. 2.tacking inside box is bad. People can play 4 to 5 passes inside box with 6 defenders inside. 3.nobody scores off corners. 4. Difficult to defend pace on the wings. Hard to contain even by jockeying as defenders tend to be left behind.
  5. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    Leveled up to 800 by doing only campaign missions. Feeling overwhelmed by the no of bounties and npcs in this game. Still have no idea what I need to do. What materials to collect and best way to collect. I have not done much bounties but just realised I need to do it to progress free season pass. Just checked how to get exotic gun and armor in the game on YouTube now I am just scared of the grind and in no way can I get them. Is there any useful exotic gun or hunter armor I can get without grind.. Simple mission to get it. Its a very well done game which people who play with friends and have time to grind will love. So many things to do in this game.. It's youtubers dream
  6. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    Going for Hunter.Thanks For explaining.
  7. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    will some of the content in free destiny be shelved with next expansion...if so want content was good and needs to be completed before its gone.
  8. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    About to start free version of Destiny 2 ..which class to opt ..hunter or warlock.. will be playing mostly solo as i am just starting.
  9. rajprdp

    Apex Legends

    Season pass is very bad this season apart from wraith jump emote, reactive G7 and bloodhound skin. I completed season 4 and 5 and also have lots of legendary gun skins so all these recolour skins in battle pass are worthless and also banners are garbage. Same maps for 3 season is also boring. Volt is fun to use and hemlock is use able now. . They made a big mistake shelfing Peacekeeper for mastiff.. Peacekeeper was so fun to use. Guns are all balanced now maybe apart from devotion with turbocharger. Iam playing just enough to complete battle pass so I can get s7 battle pass.. I think it will be better with new map and more time and resources to prepare as covid is being controlled
  10. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/08/marvels_avengers_has_a_paid_battle_pass_for_every_superhero_after_launch Paid Battle pass for each characteron top of 60$
  11. rajprdp

    Destiny 2

    Everyrime i try to download the free version of this game i realise I cannot send time required to play this game so Have inevitably deleted. This has happened like multiple times.
  12. rajprdp

    Gotham Knights

    I played the first 2 games ..Arkham city was one of my favorite games but I just couldnt play Arkham knight it felt repetitive and boring so left it mid way..they have already made 4 games with same system
  13. rajprdp

    Gotham Knights

    Nothing is revealed yet..batman could be in the game.he will be not be dead..
  14. rajprdp

    Gotham Knights

    Gameplay is 10 times better than that button mash avengers
  15. rajprdp

    Gotham Knights

    Batman will be there..they always alive when they cut the dead part at the end of the sentence
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