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  1. Now the W8 for season 5 begins😔
  2. rajprdp

    Apex Legends

    Most likely we won't have issues with matchmaking with entire world in lock down..I find this game to be fun to play even if your bad in gunfight.. You still can help ur squad win.. Also contant events are nice.
  3. rajprdp

    Apex Legends

    When is next event going to be??
  4. rajprdp

    Apex Legends

    When is next event going to be??
  5. rajprdp

    Apex Legends

    Who plays regularly.. Looking for a squad.. Add me rajprdp
  6. rajprdp

    Infamous Second Son

    This game had good graphics with amazingly fun gameplay and good boss fights(video and concrete) Average to bad in all other departments Gameplay made the game fun to play.
  7. Things I didn't like about rise of the tomb raider 1.not much variety in environment 2.too many collectables 3.apart from bow no other weapons was fun to use. 4.stealth indicator was bad. Good : Tombs Puzzles Bow and arrow gameplay Openness and freedom of the world I just hope we see better and varied environments and not just caves and military camps.
  8. rajprdp


    Anyone here plays this game after 11 pm ...need squad members
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