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  1. https://ibb.co/c1M2bFM Might need to replace rashford
  2. Policy preventing Auto deduction of payment monthly could have huge impact too.. they are now offering 2 payment option 1. upi payment they are offering only with auto payment option now.. you have to accept auto deduction till 2027...u can cancel anytime but if u don't it will continue to deduct till 2027.. 2.Debit card u can make one time payment.
  3. Completed the game .. totally enjoyed it. Huge risk taken story wise.. Not many developers can pull off this direction but nd did an excellent job.. It was nice to experience such story telling in gaming when most publishers and developers are not going to take risk . It's not the ending one wants but it makes you think about ellies emotions in that moment and why she did what she did . Cost of revenge is also nicely depicted.
  4. Just completed bike chase section and reached sector 7 in chapter 4. Was expecting the game to be slow paced and not to my liking but it's really fun and fast paced so far.. All characters are so well done..jessie and tifa.. Completed all side quests in chapter 3 just for tifa.
  5. rajprdp


    This game is going free to play very soon... Everything about it look free to play
  6. First 20 adventure rank is basically tutorial.its mainly main quests.only after lvl 20 will the world open up..there will be lots of things to do but it continues to be fun because there are lots of exploration still left to do and puzzles to solve ...it won't be only about killing stuff..u can also lvl up only by exploring,solving puzzles and opening chests ...also don't upgrade artifact's till lvl 20 ..only upgrade 4 impotant characters and their 4star weapons..u get better stuff after lvl 20
  7. If You like the game play if you have reasons to not want to play don't play. No need for hate messages on forums. Sent from my ANE-AL00 using Tapatalk
  8. Stop hating. Stay of social media. All recommendations and subscriptions will only create circle of hate. You will see only what you want to see Sent from my ANE-AL00 using Tapatalk
  9. Then every company is imposter and fraud by you logic.. All games are inspired by something. So forza is stolen from need for speed and so on.. They have done titles before and this is a well made Game...appreciate the guys who have made such amazing Game and given it as free to play with no force pay to win. Ubisoft game is also just like this. Sent from my ANE-AL00 using Tapatalk
  10. Got Bennett, Barbara, fischl, xiangling and Lisa duplicate. Bennett is bad, fischl looks like a good character.. Cooldown is super fast. Used all resources might take some time before I can use wish again. Sent from my ANE-AL00 using Tapatalk
  11. how to best use wishes & intertwined fate ? have not used any so far.
  12. ‘Genshin Impact’ tries an interesting live service trick: Make a good game at launch https://www.washingtonpost.com/video-games/2020/09/30/genshin-impact-impressions/
  13. free level 4 artifacts Sent from my ANE-AL00 using Tapatalk
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