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  1. Danny007

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Ink monk is what id suggest :-)
  2. Danny007

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Ink monk is what id suggest :-)
  3. Danny007

    The "It's free!" thread

    Free 5 hours PC Gaming at Elite Gamer Chennai Link to register :https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLDoohxTbFrRmkmMEmklO-R9Yo0vQd0HKNGBN_ODRcmB4L3w/viewform Disclosure : I am related to Elite Gamer. This is a free thread so have posted for the members' benefit and ive tried my best to disclose my interest Plz remove if not allowed
  4. Danny007

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    May b thats the price u pay if u book like 3 months before the trip or for a specific day the airline provider allows
  5. Danny007

    Fifa 16 Tourney !

    for what?
  6. Danny007

    Gaming PCs

    Thanks bro :-)
  7. Danny007

    Gaming PCs

    Saw in a reputed seller web page this : i5 2400 / 3.4 GHz OEM Processor : Incl Fan & 1 Month Warranty for Rs. 7500 Worth? Whats the risk or anything i need to be aware. This for Pc gaming since its cheaper than i3 6100 and may offer similar or better performance
  8. Danny007

    Gaming PCs

    Thanks bro :-)
  9. Danny007

    Gaming PCs

  10. Danny007

    Gaming PCs

    PC Spec help : i3 6100 1151 G skill 8Gb DDR 4 2400mhz 1TB WD Zotac GTX 750Ti 2GD5 Non OC Cooler master 500W BenQ GL2460HM 24-inch HD Monitor kindly help to select the best value mb less than 8k. even in 5-6k range is fine. Also i was planning on getting the DRAGON WAR GKM-001 kb+mouse. But after reading a review by Alpha and others dropped it. Is there anything cheap, good looking like that ? It has interchangeable backlit colors plz suggest for both mb and kb+m combo :notangel:
  11. Danny007

    Fifa 16 Tourney !

    Tournaments are conducted generally on the latest game of the franchise
  12. Danny007

    PS4 turns itself off abruptly

    Might attract customs duty as well while buying feon ali express
  13. Danny007

    Gaming PCs

    Budget 45-50k. Have selected i3 6100 processor and Gtx 750ti 2gb gpu. Kindly suggest remaining parts for running Dota 2, cs go, lol, nfs mw etc in a VALUE FOR MORE basis. This is for a gaming cafe. Also confused as to to diff graphics card from diff manufacturers. E.g u want nvidea 750 gpu, u get it with msi, zotac, etc. Which one to select and y different manufacturers for same 750 card? Sry. Back to pc after decades thays y. Thanks :-)
  14. Danny007

    Fifa 16 Tourney !

    Ha ha all small tourneys happen here. Big tourneys happen in mumbai :-P