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  1. I need to buy tv table and computer table. Should I buy it online or offline ? I check some tv unit on pepperfry and the prices are very high. Can anyone recommend me a good tv table for 55 inch t.v with consoles. I like this one https://www.urbanladder.com/products/baltoro-high-gloss-tv-unit?sku=FNSGAV41WL30061&src=subcat. My local store is quoting me price of 13k for this with MDF wood.
  2. I have dark souls prepare to die edition on steam. Let me know if anyone wants it.
  3. Thanks everyone. I just watched 2-3 reviews on YT and people were saying it to be best budget iphone. If you guys can recommend me one phone below 40k what will it be? Usage - what girls normally do.
  4. I am thinking of gifting my GF an iphone. I don't have much idea about it since I have been android user all my life. I have 2 questions 1) I am thinking of buying Iphone SE 2020. Flipkart shows that 128GB will be priced at around 47.5k. Is this a good choice ? 2) I think she never had an Iphone before. Is switch from android to Iphone an easy and smooth transition ?
  5. When will we get Asuka vs Charlotte rematch at WM ? It appears it will be becky vs Charlotte again at WM. They should have let Shayna Bazler win Royal Rumble.
  6. NXT currently have best women division. The Wargame women match is definitely the best WWE women match of 2019.
  7. Nice, i have 24inch version. I love its bezel less feature.
  8. I completely agree. All the open world game I have played this year and last year is still not completed. They are just wasting my hard drive space. I want to delete them but I can't because i feel like I have to complete it. Even Witcher 3 which i bought on day 1 is still on my hdd waiting to be finished ( I have spend 100+ hour on it but still 3-4 main quest are left). Now I mostly play linear games like gear of wars 4 and indies title or episodic game like life is strange. There was a time I become so excited whenever a franchise moved to open world or new open world games were announced. Now I hate Everytime when developers says that they are creating their biggest open world games. I cannot go back to playing just cause / Assassin creed game now because they are massive and lifeless.
  9. DontNod is making it. So it should be similar to the original LIS game.
  10. Abdulah

    The CREW 2

    The game is lot of fun. I am just doing off road driving and admiring the views.
  11. Abdulah

    Cyberpunk 2077

    left gaming last year but came back after this year E3. Nice to see that you have become a moderator.
  12. If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Most awesome game demonstrated - Metro: Exodus
  13. Abdulah

    Cyberpunk 2077

    When are they gonna show any gameplay videos ? I though we would see it in the E3.
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