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  1. Can you recommend some good one for a 6 year old. I want to gift it to my nephew.
  2. 5600x3d is not available in India and 5800x3d is priced at around 35k which is on high end considering ryzen 7600 is available for half the price and gives similar performance.
  3. I have just got GTX 4070. Unsure if I should upgrade from Ryzen 1600 to 5600 or all the way to AM5 Ryzen 7600 which is coming very costly due to DDR5 and new motherboard dependency. I will be playing at ultrawide 2k resolution. What do you recommend ?
  4. Could someone suggest a good gaming build for 1440p 60fps gaming ? This is my current setup Ryzen 1600 Gtx 2060 24 gb ram Seasonic 520w Can I use any of above components or do I need buy everything new ? Budget is flexible as long as I can get 60fps with 1440p in high (not ultra) settings. The only thing I have decided is GPU GTX 4070. Thanks
  5. Hi guys I need your help. I have ryzen 1600 with GTX 1060 gpu. My gpu have stopped working. I need to buy another gpu as ryzen 1600 doesn't have integrated graphics. Seeing the increased price of all GPU, I need the cheapest gpu that can work with my system. Please suggest one.
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