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  1. Hi guys I need your help. I have ryzen 1600 with GTX 1060 gpu. My gpu have stopped working. I need to buy another gpu as ryzen 1600 doesn't have integrated graphics. Seeing the increased price of all GPU, I need the cheapest gpu that can work with my system. Please suggest one.
  2. Might be a noob question, this links says if I buy ps plus subsciptions, I will have many games free to download like Bloodborne, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human etc. I thought we only get free monthly games from ps plus ?
  3. Might be a noob questions Can I buy ps4 digital games from US playstation store ?
  4. I want to buy wall frames for my gaming room. I am confused about the dimension. If any one have gaming wall frame installed, can you guide me ? I am thinking about getting 5 16X20 inch frames.
  5. It's not available in Flipkart. Out of stock for a long time.
  6. I am looking for a phone for my sister. Main requirment is decent camera, good display and good battery backup. Realme x2 is decent but 4GB variant price have been increased to 18k. Can anyone give me a good recommendation? Budget 18k max.
  7. Quick Google search lead me to believe that it will probably be fixed after some cleaning. But you are right, I should have gone to palika bazar
  8. Thanks guys. I was too careless in reassembling it. The thin electric paper that is connected from controller light to the motherboard is also busted now. Also the headphone jack is not working anymore
  9. I don't know if this is the wrong thread but my ps4 controller square button stopped working. I dismantled the controller and tried to test the controller directly from motherboard but it wasn't working. Every other button is working fine. Can I repair it? I think the problem maybe with the green cable sheet that is below the buttons.
  10. I need to buy tv table and computer table. Should I buy it online or offline ? I check some tv unit on pepperfry and the prices are very high. Can anyone recommend me a good tv table for 55 inch t.v with consoles. I like this one https://www.urbanladder.com/products/baltoro-high-gloss-tv-unit?sku=FNSGAV41WL30061&src=subcat. My local store is quoting me price of 13k for this with MDF wood.
  11. I have dark souls prepare to die edition on steam. Let me know if anyone wants it.
  12. Thanks everyone. I just watched 2-3 reviews on YT and people were saying it to be best budget iphone. If you guys can recommend me one phone below 40k what will it be? Usage - what girls normally do.
  13. I am thinking of gifting my GF an iphone. I don't have much idea about it since I have been android user all my life. I have 2 questions 1) I am thinking of buying Iphone SE 2020. Flipkart shows that 128GB will be priced at around 47.5k. Is this a good choice ? 2) I think she never had an Iphone before. Is switch from android to Iphone an easy and smooth transition ?
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