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  1. Okay thank you. I'm in the market looking for a comfortable chair with high back support as I'm 6'4. Budget is not an issue.
  2. That's awesome, I see that you purchased it in Hyderabad on Road No.12. I ride a Street Triple RS, did about 2700kms on it so far, haven't done much. Then again I don't go on the highway with it, I should start doing that. How you liking the bike so far? Enjoy and ride safe Haha, it sure does like he skipped. On another note, where did you get that from? How you liking the chair so far and what was the price that you've purchased it?
  3. Interesting. I'm running my 7.1.4 set through a Marantz 8012, however, I can't go down much low due to the fact that the room being my living, it is decently big and there are openings around. So I have to keep the sound at a minimum level to be able to go through with the content. If I do level up the center, it would be dominating the surrounds a little more than my liking. On another note, I'm running my set up without the sub right now as there's an issue with it and getting it fixed. Some of the content I've watched lately, I didn't miss my sub as much as I thought I would, perhaps the reason being the powered subs in the L/R towers.
  4. Yes. Nike and New Balance. Just make sure you buy either from Cloudtail/Appario on Amazon or Retailnet on Flipkart. I think there is another Flipkart owned retailer, forgot what it's called.
  5. You do need an Indian PSN as all DLC are region locked. Applies for both PSN and Xbox Live. Also if you need to purchase any additional DLC, the store region must be the same as the disc region. For example, you can't buy a PS/Xbox game in America and buy the DLC from the PSN/Live in India, the store region will also have to be America.
  6. I think that’s a very good deal. This retails for around $500 even in America and at about 50k here.
  7. Been wanting to purchase the Razer Huntsman Elite for quite a while and I finally pulled the trigger. Quite expensive but hopefully worth it and it will last me long. My current mouse Logitech G602 is an awesome one and still running strong but figured I go within the same line up, so switched that too. Some movies and gadgets from the recent Amazon Prime Day sale in America. That combo of 4K Firestick + Echo Dot 3rd gen was $20. Killer deal, so ended up buying two of them. I've also been eying on the Mission Impossible 4K collection and the Jack Ryan 4K collection. Finally got them along with few others, good prices on all these. I didn't need a phone but the Razer Phone 2 was pretty much an impulse buy as a back up because of the 120Hz screen. That Chroma LED on the back of the phone is pretty cool but I'm guessing it drains the battery?
  8. Oh man, that mouse and design brings back so many memories from my college days, the amount of PC gaming I used to do. Good old times. Probably the best mouse ever, period?
  9. I'd say wait for few more days. Redmi K20 with a Snapdragon 730 should be efficient and decently powerful, also comes with an AMOLED screen and should be under 20k.
  10. Besides donations, other option we could look at is ad and subscription based. People who don't mind donating/paying can subscribe for the website that doesn't have ads while the regular users will have ads around. NeoGAF has had ads for the longest time and I think it is fine as long as we don't over do it. Now I think both NeoGAF and ResetERA started subscription models. Ultimately it is your call as to which route you'd want to take. I feel the ad model will generate a stable income but donations, members will do few times initially but down the line you'd have to ask when needed. Hope it is a valid suggestion.
  11. Looks like someone snapped their fingers on IVG and a year is gone. Damn!
  12. I still couldn’t do it because it was recognizing my region and even with a VPN it didn’t work.
  13. Thank you so much. I got a bunch of their tees, like 12 of them.
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