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  1. Rockstar Games Launcher confirms Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy using Unreal Engine A few days ago, the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee rated Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. And today, the official Rockstar Games Launcher was updated with some mentions about this upcoming remastered trilogy. The Rockstar Games Launcher basically confirms that this trilogy will be using Unreal Engine. As you can see below, there are string values for GTA 3 Unreal, GTA San Andreas Unreal and GTA Vice City Unreal. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/rockstar-games-launcher-confirms-grand-theft-auto-remastered-trilogy-using-unreal-engine/
  2. Just saw this now Interesting Free To Play. - It has been in development for over 5 years. - It already have the FIFPro license, so over 5000 real players will be licensed. - Emphasis on player skill, and no pay-to-win elements. - Players will be rated in-game based on partnerships with sports performance analysis company InStat. - Runs on Unreal Engine.
  3. sloppy performance but yeah 3 points in the end Maguire was
  4. PlayStation published games with entries found on GeforceNOW:
  5. But overall performance was not good
  6. 3-0 Also getting red card This is gonna get worse
  7. First 10 overs is important We shouldn't lose a wicket
  8. Holyshit out of nowhere
  9. Intel’s Flagship ARC Graphics Card With Xe-HPG Alchemist GPU To Tackle AMD RX 6700 XT & NVIDIA RTX 3070 Intel ARC graphics cards based on the Alchemist Xe-HPG GPUs are all set for launch next year and based on the specifications, we could be looking at very competitive performance numbers against AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. https://wccftech.com/intels-flagship-arc-graphics-card-with-xe-hpg-alchemist-gpu-to-tackle-amd-rx-6700-xt-nvidia-rtx-3070/
  10. Stunning Lighting in this shot
  11. SRINI87

    Project 007

    New details surface for IO Interactive’s James Bond game, will be third-person In November 2020, IO Interactive announced a new official James Bond game, codenamed Project 007. And today, a couple of new details about it have emerged via a job listing. According to the job listing, Project 007 will be a stealth action oriented game with a third-person perspective. The game will also have some adventure elements and will feature a new AI system. Furthermore, IO Interactive aims to add maps, enemies and challenges that will adapt to player actions. https://www.dsogaming.com/news/new-details-surface-for-io-interactives-james-bond-game-will-be-third-person/
  12. Yeah that would be nice. Also i am hearing trippier news
  13. when are they going to unveil sancho
  14. SRINI87

    Riders Republic

    Hope it will be fun as it looks while playing
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