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  1. Thank you so much for quick reply and insight. I live in a remote location and BSNL FTTH is the fastest internet available as of now. I guess I will wait for Jio Gigafiber to arrive and see if that will help me. Merry Christmas
  2. So, after drooling for about 20+ years I finally managed to built my own gaming PC. But the excitement was short lived due to non-availability of high speed internet for downloading games. I was stuck to my PS4 for so long that I did not realize decent PC games mostly need 30-50gb of digital data download. But then, BSNL FTTH came along and now I find myself checking steam deals almost every morning (lol) and I am also discovering the joy of online PC gaming. Download speed is decent at about 5 MB/s but I mostly play Insurgency Sandstorm and my minimum ping is always about 150ms. I am on the stock router/modem provided by BSNL. My question is "Is there anything I can do to reduce my ping basically for all games I play online?". I have tried methods listed here in this link "https://www.techcrises.com/windows-10/fix-high-ping/" except buying a new modem/router because my knowledge is zero when it comes to these stuffs. I would highly appreciate if someone can chip in help me choose a better router/modem. Also, I used an Ethernet cable to connect my PC to the modem. Regards, Siam
  3. It will come out with PS5. PS4 version will be like a trimmed down (lower graphics/detail/whatever) version. That much I can guess. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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