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  1. Try searching here: https://broadbandforum.co/forums/airtel-broadband/ Some users managed to bridge their routers successfully.
  2. I use this: https://www.ilovepdf.com/pdf_to_jpg
  3. I just convert pdfs to jpegs, edit them as per my need in photoshop etc. and then convert them back to pdf.
  4. 3090FE has 350W TDP. I am running mine on 850W PSU, even under full load it never crosses 650-660W. I am running everything on stock though, nothing overclocked. The wattage breakdown of my rig comes around 640W:
  5. ^^How about DeepCool DQ850-M-V2L? Running my i9/3090 setup on it.
  6. Can someone please recommend a wireless charger that works with both iPhone 11 pro max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9? More wattage/fast charging preferred. Thanks.
  7. Try calling their customer care number and clarify.
  8. Yeah he seemed fine till recently, maybe something happened in DM's or something?
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