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  1. Got one finally from Amazon. Still in stock.
  2. Was able to add one in cart at amazon, but order not going through at checkout page. Keeps throwing me back at "Select a payment method" page.
  3. Can someone please hook me up with a bot or something for the drop on 11th? Are they still working?
  4. Any chances of the next PS5 drop before Ragnarok launch?
  5. Rey

    Overwatch 2

    ^Oh, ok. That's why.
  6. Rey

    Overwatch 2

    Yeah apparently they removed phone number requirement after facing a lot of backlash at launch. I asked them to change my region to India so that I could add phone number and play but they just said phone number is no longer required.
  7. Rey

    Overwatch 2

    Mine is Argentina, on the day of launch I wasn't able to play as well due to phone number requirement, opened a ticket, they replied that the phone number requirement has been removed. I can now login and able to play as usual.
  8. Check which RJ45 cable you have. If you have CAT6 or even CAT 5e, you are fine, both of these are capable of handling speeds upto 1000 Mbps, or a Gigabit per second. The category should be written on the cable itself.
  9. Can someone please suggest a dual arm vesa stand? Need it for a couple of 32" monitors. Thanks.
  10. Try searching here: https://broadbandforum.co/forums/airtel-broadband/ Some users managed to bridge their routers successfully.
  11. I use this: https://www.ilovepdf.com/pdf_to_jpg
  12. I just convert pdfs to jpegs, edit them as per my need in photoshop etc. and then convert them back to pdf.
  13. 3090FE has 350W TDP. I am running mine on 850W PSU, even under full load it never crosses 650-660W. I am running everything on stock though, nothing overclocked. The wattage breakdown of my rig comes around 640W:
  14. ^^How about DeepCool DQ850-M-V2L? Running my i9/3090 setup on it.
  15. Can someone please recommend a wireless charger that works with both iPhone 11 pro max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9? More wattage/fast charging preferred. Thanks.
  16. Try calling their customer care number and clarify.
  17. Yeah he seemed fine till recently, maybe something happened in DM's or something?
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