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  1. Yeah apparently they removed phone number requirement after facing a lot of backlash at launch.

    I asked them to change my region to India so that I could add phone number and play but they just said phone number is no longer required.

  2. 15 hours ago, Vaibhavp said:

    Blizzard support is pretty bad these days.


    My old battle.net account was set to Australia. Unable to play this due to that and phone no requirement. 


    Mine is Argentina, on the day of launch I wasn't able to play as well due to phone number requirement, opened a ticket, they replied that the phone number requirement has been removed.

    I can now login and able to play as usual.

  3. 20 hours ago, b!T said:

    Need help folks. I am planning to upgrade my Internet to 500 Mbps connection from the current 80 Mbps one. I have an ONT + Router combo that I am using now. ISP will freely upgrade the ONT to the 5G one with gigabit ports. My router is already a 5G one and I know it has gigabit ports(TP-link Archer C64). So I have a RJ45 cable wired from upstairs(ONT) to downstairs(Router) through the wall that connects both. Do I need to upgrade the cable as well? I am not sure whether it will support speeds > 100 Mbps. Does RJ45 cables have that restriction?


    Check which RJ45 cable you have. If you have CAT6 or even CAT 5e, you are fine, both of these are capable of handling speeds upto 1000 Mbps, or a Gigabit per second.

    The category should be written on the cable itself.

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  4. 2 hours ago, StormShadow said:



    Today another executive came home to bridge their router. All he did was change the connection type in airtel router to "bridge" from previous "router" mode and changed the WAN id password in my asus router settings. It did not do jacksh*t. Internet stopped working and he absolutely had no clue what else to do and said he will discuss with the team and return later. lol. He just wanted me to accept that it cannot happen and make do with their router. If this is the level of incompetence in a firm like airtel i can't imagine what other ISP customers must be going through.





    Try searching here: https://broadbandforum.co/forums/airtel-broadband/

    Some users managed to bridge their routers successfully.

  5. 4 hours ago, godspeed4476 said:

    Hey Ppl,

    Any recommendation for free software/website to edit pdf files? i basically need to copy paste my signature to PDF files for next few weeks. 

    Cant find any app which would let me do it for free, almost every one requires CC details for initial sign up 


    I just convert pdfs to jpegs, edit them as per my need in photoshop etc. and then convert them back to pdf.

  6. 2 hours ago, RV1709 said:

    Can a 3090fe run with a 750w psu and a nxzt 510 case ?



    3090FE has 350W TDP. I am running mine on 850W PSU, even under full load it never crosses 650-660W. I am running everything on stock though, nothing overclocked.

    The wattage breakdown of my rig comes around 640W: 


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