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  1. Received my processor (10900K) and monitor (BenQ 3270U) in absolute perfect condition, packed like a tank! Super awesome experience! Will definitely deal with them again! And thanks for the freebie!
  2. No specific reason, just that epomaker aren't easily available here. And I require a full keyboard, not much to choose from at meckeys. OK will try to look for cherry or gateron keys. Also, If you guys have any suggestions please feel free to share, my only requirement is that it should be a full KB.
  3. I had kept it in the consideration only because of the changeable switches and keys and it isn't super out of the budget. But I am only getting red switch model(with 9 free blue switches) and blue switch model(with 9 free red switches) is unavailable everywhere. So the hunt is still on. Thanks. Edit: HyperX Alloy Origins Logitech G512 Carbon are the others in consideration.
  4. Guys how is Gigabyte Aorus K9 keyboard? Are Optical Flaretech switches good in terms of longevity?
  5. Need to buy a Windows 10 Pro key. Someone please suggest a reliable site to buy one of them.
  6. While searching for a UPS, came across APC BX1100C-IN (https://mdcomputers.in/apc-1-1kva-230v-bx1100c-in.html) , in the comments it is written that the transfer time of it is 10ms while a highend system needs a "Smart UPS" with transfer time of 2ms or less and hence we can face shutdowns. Do I need to get a "Smart UPS"? Any advice please?
  7. Received a reply to my 3080FE enquiry mail today stating that the stock is expected to arrive in 1 week.
  8. And here I was hoping for a 3080Ti announcement. Have to keep waiting for 3080FE to come back in stock. Also 3090FE is available to buy at RPTech - https://rptechindia.in/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090.html (Available quantity: 9, at the time of writing)
  9. hahahahah freaking unavailable everywhere in microsecnds.
  10. If we book online at shopatsc, still it is mandatory to get games etc. bundle from the store?
  11. Thanks. This sounds like the best bet.
  12. Guys, I am building a PC based around 10900K /3080, pcpartpicker.com estimated the total wattage at 619W(at max load) and 151W(at min load) , so I am going with a 750W PSU. Now my home already has a 650VA sinewave home-UPS installed, can I plug the system directly into the home-UPS supply? Will it be able to hold before I cleanly shutdown? Or should I get a separate UPS? (Also has another 850VA inverter installed, but its not sinewave, so I guess it won't work?) Thanks.
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