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  1. Saved it for the last.
  2. Hopefully. I cancelled my Amazon order and ordered from GTS.
  3. Lets see who ships first, GTS or Amazon.
  4. Any deals on wireless headphones that work with PS4? Not too costly though. Thanks.
  5. If you know the server address/IP address of the game server, you can check the ping using a PC/laptop.
  6. I am in a similar situation as you. Although my location isn't remote but here no ISP is available except BSNL Broadband. Heck, not even Bharat Fiber is available here, and I live just 200 metres away from the exchange. So yeah, keep trying. Hope you get your pings improved. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
  7. BSNL network routing is messed up. I don't think you'd be able to get anything below those pings. If you want to try you can call the customer care and try to explain them that your pings are high and get them to change the routing (good luck explaining this to them). Another thing you can do is visit your nearest BSNL exchange, get hold of a JE or SDE and explain him your problem, maybe they'd be able to help. 150ms to 350ms is the range I always get on BSNL (depending on the game). These number have always stayed the same in my experience of 12 years of BSNL Broadband. Also, router/modem has nothing to do with this. Thanks.
  8. Not on Airtel but facing similar issue on BSNL broadband since last 3 days. Internet is not fully disconnected but no website is opening and just keeps on loading forever. Same for any other internet based app etc. Anybody else with similar issues?
  9. Yes, same here. I primarily play on PS4 and no way of getting server details to check the routing. Stuck with BSNL as no other ISP is available here.
  10. Airtel replacing the modem when the routing is faulty, shows their expertise.
  11. I ordered HORI TAC PRO on 27th August. Till now it hasn't shipped because of heavy rains in Mumbai, that is OK with me. But today I got the reply from your reps that the product will be shipped tomorrow but the image shown is different than what is listed on your website. On the website the product is mentioned as HORI TAC PRO, but the image I received is of the older model. Please see the pics attached and cancel my order if you are selling the older model in the name of newer one. Posting this here so that the users could be made aware of what is going on. The older model as sent by you on email. The real model as mentioned on your website. So please confirm which one will I be getting and cancel my order if its the older model. Thank you.
  12. Lately Flipkart has stopped shipping almost every item at my pincode, I noticed it 2-3 days ago. Anyone else with similar issue? Could it be temporary? I am from Meerut, UP.
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