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  1. Recently I got Nights of Azure 2, just because it was pretty cheap, and I wanted to fill up my collection. Well, now I am having a great time playing it. That's the last thing i expected I have to say, the gameplay loop is pretty addicting. The time limit feels a bit restrictive at first but you get used to it. My only gripe are the pop ins, especially considering that it's not that graphically intensive. All in all, this game was a nice little surprise, and an overlooked hidden gem from last year
  2. As a big Nintendo fan, Gamecube is one of my all time favorite systems. It brought me back to gaming after a bit of a break. I still remember the day I fired Melee into the system. It was such a glorious sight, after not having played games for a few years. Here's my little collection, been collecting for it since 2004. There are still some games I want for it like From Software's Lost Kingdoms 1 & 2. Which is criminally underrated, and I also need to replace my copies of Melee and Mario Kart. They don't work anymore
  3. So excited for this , but i want a physical version of the first bayonetta. It sucks that they made so little of the Japanese Special edition
  4. I don't think so, you might be getting confused with Free Radical which were made of former Rare devs. Before Nintendo took over Retro, apparently they were in a mess as a developer. Their management was all over the place. They did have former ID members though, if i am not mistaken.
  5. i'm still optimistic. Even Retro was unproven before they made the Prime games. At least it wont be as bad Team Ninja and Other M. On a side note, Ridge Racer 8 might be coming exclusively to the Switch. Pretty excited for that.
  6. it's not necessary to complete all the shrines. You need only 4 orbs per heart( as you know each shrine gives you an orb. and you can go to the statue in Kakariko village to redeem the orbs). If you are just starting out, try learning some recipes for increasing temporary hearts as well. For me i am fine with the weapon degradation. I never felt helpless, after the first hour, you get used to it. I do agree the rain part is annoying. I am fine with the idea. It's just that it rains too much in the game!
  7. Yea the price is a bit disappointing but I am still getting it for the Switch. I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and I can't imagine playing it any other way.
  8. I wont call it stupidity, since the revisions usually sell well, except for the GBA Micro (poor Micro :() For me as well. Gonna get Celeste + bayo collection + DQBuilders + games I am yet to get like Skyrim and RECollection lol
  9. Didn't get it on Wiiu, will definitely buy it for the switch. Can't wait! Bayo on the go sounds magical!
  10. Thank goodness! The past few weeks, felt like an episode of twilight zone, where the twist was IVG never existed.
  11. Loved it on the DS but never finished it. I hope docked mode is implemented well. I wonder how they're gonna do that tho, since it's a touch based game.
  12. I have a spare AMFILM tempered glass. If you want i can send it to you. As for the joycon grips, i have no idea but i feel it's not necessary, and the money can be better spent. Like buying a game or two from eshop
  13. I hope this turns out to be true. Looks pretty legit, but you never know with these supposed leaks
  14. By lying down you mean leaning againt the wall in bed or your head in the pillow? We need to know, for science!
  15. So you can say tis your Achilles' heel? Years of handheld gaming has conditioned me. Especially after the 3ds, The Switch feels a good step up for me.
  16. Congrats! I have been eying Skyrim since it's announcement, but I am holding myself back till i finish BOTW. Just downloaded Kingdom - New Lands, and it's fun and addicting so far. Going back and forth with Odyseey and having a blast!
  17. I am 150 + hours into botw, and i've beaten only two divine beats. I have no idea how all these hours went by I just just received my copy of Odyssey, and I am tempted to give it a try, but having not completed BOTW yet, the semi completionist in me is holding me back :lol
  18. One thing to keep in mind, unlike the older games, MK8D comes fully unloacked out of the gate except for vehicle parts. If you're into this kinda stuff, that might be a deal breaker.
  19. What's a nilgiri oil? I am afraid i even asked Don't jinx it! Well, it's not that bad anymore though since the games are tied to your account and not the system now. But i better not speak too soon
  20. The dog is pretty young, I am sure he will settle down in time but yea, I get your point. And, thanks for the link. I didn't know that. Thanks CC
  21. The dog is pretty young, I am sure he will settle down in time but yea, I get your point. And, thanks for the link. I didn't know that. Thanks CC
  22. Are there replacement caps for the analog stick available for the pro controller? Pablo, my cousin's dog chewed it off
  23. In no particular order - Breath of the Wild Mario + Rabbids - Kingdom Battle Splatoon 2 Wonderboy - Dragon's Trap Thimbleweed Park *Yup, I only played Switch games this year I'm sure Yakuza 0 will be right up there, but I am yet to play my copy.
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