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  1. @Bauji @playstationdude Really sorry for the late reply guys. I don't login much in IVG. This Inverter/UPS is advertised as a Home Inverter and *does not* come with an in-built battery.
  2. Thought I would update since @Bauji quoted me here. I bought this... Luminous Zelio+ 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS It's 900 VA and can handle 756 Watts of load simultaneously. It's a single battery UPS/inverter, and I have it hooked up with an Exide Invamaster IMTT1800 battery (tubular 180 amp), and this setup is able to handle two fans, two LED bulbs, my PC on full load while gaming (check specs in sig) for about 2 to 2.5 hours. When the number of fans go down, it increases to 3 to 3.5 hours. Either that OR it's capable of handling my PS4 Pro and my 55 inch 4K TV for about 3 to 3.5 hours. All uninterrupted. No power drops or anything. All in all, I love this thing and I'm super happy with it PS: If you guys didn't know already, Luminous has been bought over by Schneider Electric (makers of APC). So the quality and performance is top notch.
  3. If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Best game at E3? For me, Ghost of Tsushima takes the cake
  4. This is a UPS. I need an inverter (external battery). Already have one working just fine, but it's old model and square wave and hence PS4 Pro is not working on it. Am checking out Luminous inverters such as Zelio+ 1700 and Su-Kam ones. Need to do more research.
  5. Nice. Thanx for the info. Which model of Luminous inverter do you have?
  6. Sorry for reviving this old topic, but am facing the same issue. My inverter is not sine wave and hence my PS4 Pro won't work on it. My PC at MAX LOAD works but PS4 Pro doesn't even turn on. Everyone is recommending an APC inverter, but I searched on their website and also called their customer care. They said that they (Schneider Electric) have bought out Luminous and have stopped the production of Home Inverter models of APC. They literally recommended me to get a Luminous inverter. Now, I'm a little confused. Any suggestions?
  7. NICE! Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a REALLY GOOD GAME!
  8. Sorry bro. I have no intention of selling. Am keeping them for co-op (with my friends and cousin brothers) Tell you the truth, I could've bought two more and sold them later, but I hate the idea of people bagging LDs and then selling them for profit. It's better the LD goes to people who will actually use the product, people like you and me.
  9. He was the face of it all. I don't think it would affect anything badly. His laughter was op though XD
  10. Wow, AMAZING! Congrats bro. How much? Also, post some side view pics
  11. Thanx Can't wait to check out all the exclusives AND GOD OF WAR
  12. I told him to ditch the box. He brought the PS4 in the handbag. He passed through customs without any checking Thanx guys
  13. I told him to ditch the box. He brought the PS4 in the handbag. He passed through customs without any checking Thanx guys
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