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  1. realsoccerdude111

    Battlefield V

    If any serious player(preferably k/d > 1.5 on PS4 wants to squad up for Firestorm then leave your i.d. here i will add you on psn. I have 2-3 friend online up for firestorm at any time (sometimes like 5) who are very good players and we end up in final 4 team often.
  2. realsoccerdude111

    The Football Thread

    Zidaneeeee!!! Zidane!!! Though this time around it will be tougher without Ronaldo
  3. realsoccerdude111

    Metro Exodus

    Off topic. But if anyone has this game for ps4 and want to sell it. Pm me
  4. realsoccerdude111

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    I love this game. I cant wait for its Goty edition to replay it.
  5. realsoccerdude111

    Metro Exodus

    How is stealth in this game? And is stealth deeply satisfying with level up perks and stuff?
  6. realsoccerdude111

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    I dont see it,nor for other products.maybe it was a returned product? Edit : some products are being sold by cloudtail it seems.
  7. realsoccerdude111

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    I am aware of this. But does this mean it is the end of Cloudtail? Retailnet is still selling so many products as of today.
  8. realsoccerdude111

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    If the item is available then they will sale na.whereas situation of Retailnet doesnt seem that bad
  9. realsoccerdude111

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Almost every item by cloudtail is unavailable
  10. realsoccerdude111

    Battlefield V

    I wish they can put in a chopper of some type..but i know they wont Also i love how many customization settings Dice has given us this time including changing the color of dot sight and its glow %
  11. realsoccerdude111

    Battlefield V

    Even though i am randomly facing infinite loading bug,I love this game.
  12. realsoccerdude111

    Jio fibernet and online gaming

    I have read that jio fiber net blocks port forwarding and dmz from backend. Is anyone using jio fiber to play online in ps4? Hows the experience so far?
  13. realsoccerdude111

    Battlefield V

    Can anyone help me adjust vertical sensitivity the same as horizontal sensitivity ? Playing on ps4
  14. realsoccerdude111

    Battlefield V

    I think i will opt for disc version when the price drops as well..
  15. realsoccerdude111

    Battlefield V

    Any idea if the deal will last till tommorrow evening?