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  1. I havent played TGOT so i cant comment there but i will be playing it soon. TLOU2 is good.It is a technically sound game apart from flaws in storyline (for some,not for me).I am near the end of the game and I rate it 8.7/10. Tlou1 overall was 8.4/10 for me. Loads of clean stealth in TLOU2.Here is a video that i made of stealth in TLOU2. See if you like the stealth mechanics.That being said TGOT might be a overall better game unless you are a TLOU fanatic
  2. Just for Fun I love playing AAA Sandbox,Rpg and Stealth games offering good stealth mechanics on Ps4. Skyrim,K:CD,MGS,Payday2 to name a few. I am currently playing TLOU2 on my first playthrough.I came across a potential stealth opportunity and i recorded it. I completed this part of the chapter and uploaded this footage under 10 minutes. Suggested to view in 720p I havent played this part of the game before, this was my first time as I progressed into the game.I Havent completed the game.No checkpoints reloads and no game saves file apart from default one.Had something gone wrong I wouldve used Smoke bombs to flee. xD. The video below will suggest the same.( may contain chapter names,maybe a spoiler for some)
  3. Thanks!!! There are no bots in Battlefield ps4 lol Thats how Conquest on flag C (critical mid-point) of Operation Locker works. This is a underground passage below a tower with gattling guns overhead,which also constitutes capture point radius. As the enemies had the flag C (bottom left corner 'C' can be seen orange) captured,i was trying to bring down the tower using C4 (when the tower is destroyed the capture point resets irrespective of who is holding the point) ,giving us a better chance to capture it. There are 3 to 4 pathways to reach the Underground passage. About 2 pathways from my teams end and other 2 from opponents end. So I had to be alert of enemies approaching from the 2 pathways from enemies end as my back was against my teams end(Which I was aware was well covered by team-mates). Its just a good reading and anticipation of the game If you want to play some Battlefield ,hit me up on psn
  4. Bring it online Millenials ,Tougher than Reloads and memory recalls
  5. Eagle Eye - Battlefield 4 Montage (No Lock-on RPGs/Tank Missiles).Advisable to watch in 720p. I have been recording Battlefield 4 Clips on my PS4 for the past 40 days. After 18 hours of Clip selection/Sfx/Audio/Testing from 80gb of recorded data I came up with Battlefield 4 Montage 'Eagle Eye'. There is a 728 M headshot and Sniper-Choppers takedowns in the montage as well along with many many other awesome clips. Further Details are mentioned under Youtube Description of the Video. I Love this game Happy Diwali to all the IVGians !! It took me this long editing partly due to PS4 editing limitations Thank you for the support!!
  6. I was playing My club offline on Pes today and i scored a really awesome goal with Inzaghi around 1.20 minutes. Love the way Inzaghi Poaches on Pes21. The initial shot was taken by none other than Pirlo
  7. 2 days back I was playing against the guy representing India at E-Sports world chamionship (PES) in Israel. It was a good match with me playing as Real Madrid (Vs Bayern Munich)that ended 4-4. I wish him goodluck for the tournament
  8. Tried most of Frederick Forsythe work love The Icon. He writes more of espionage. Love Daniel Silva,Ludlum and somenken follets works too. Guns of Navarone is a very good movie (i preferred the movie). It reminds me bit of a stealth mission from MGS or Sniper elite series.
  9. Yeh book thief seems nice..Awesome pic.. Murakami is amazing..he writes amazing books with a very mild touch of meta and mystic.. Try Kafka on the shore, Norwegian woods,One birthday girl,Winding up bird chronicle by him..killing commandatore is nice too.. Murakamis reputation is slightly like Kojimas reputation in gaming
  10. Ive had mostly good experience with Cloudtail,NSP retail and amazing books sellers from flipkart. I need a suggestion for my next book : Either Book thief or 1Q84 by Murakami? btw who is more into mystery,suspense,thriller and classics here? i figure lot of people are into fantasy..
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I am a wodehouse fan..i was looking for alternatives to wodehouse..Terry pratchett and Durell were the ones i found so far.
  12. Anyone a fan of Wodehouse? Especially Jeeves novels
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