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  1. Has anyone bought books from roadside stalls on Fountain,Mumbai? Are they first copies?because they sell them are high disocunts. If yes how is the print ,binding quality?
  2. You cant one hit melee/shot stealth kill in outer worlds is this true? Also grass shrubs turns very translucent while sneaking..can this be turned off? I feel it takes away immersion from stealth
  3. Is there a slight graphic upgrade though? Mixed opinion on internet in general.
  4. So if i have Overwatch on ps4. Ill be getting upgraded to Overwatch2 ? Basically it means slightly better graphics? I have uninstalled the game and thinking of selling it.confused now.
  5. Any idea when the pre load will be available for those who havent pre ordered the game? For the open beta on the weekend.
  6. Try Name of the rose by Umberto eco
  7. Any Murakami, Umberto Eco fans here?
  8. Is the open alpha available for download on ps4?
  9. Can it fill up the modern day multiplayer gap that battlefield games have left for their fans since bf 4?
  10. The demo lets you play Online multiplayer 1 vs 1. juve ,Arsenal,Barca,Man U ,Bayern are part of the demo amongst other teams.dont miss out.
  11. Real Madrid are going to win the Champions league tommorrow. Hala Madrid!
  12. They do work online. And you can use batman and robin kits for your team as well. Another fullfledge fruitful Pes season for me.going strong still. Pes19 will still be a day 1 buy for me.
  13. Finished this game on ps4. One of the best games ive played in recent times took me 107 hours to finish but i wished the game was still longer. I rate the game a 9.1/10. If anyone needs help feel free to ask so(as some quests seem bugged but many of them are working as they are supposed to work) Here i have posted the solution to one of the quest called 'Night raid'. Which seems impossible to succeed at. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/746367-kingdom-come-deliverance/76506512
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