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  1. Playing on Aus hardcore server on ps4
  2. realsoccerdude111


    Thanks! Here is the extended version
  3. realsoccerdude111


    I published my game on Dreams https://indreams.me/scene/dknkUgnXuYi Play it now!! Also watch its g.i.f ,playthrough on reddit and pls upvote and comment on there.
  4. Any good deals for ds4 controller? I miss the times when it was going for 3000 rs
  5. realsoccerdude111


    This game is a heaven for Indie lovers. Any idea when the co-op ,multiplayer mode releases?
  6. What happened to Alpha? He used to be active on there.
  7. realsoccerdude111


    Did this mario level get copyrighted on ps4? Cant seem to find it Other mario levels dont let you enter the doors Edit : Found it. Just that some dreams are named way too differently to be searched via their usual names.
  8. realsoccerdude111


    Can any dream player link to any site or reedit list that updates the best user created dreams made?
  9. realsoccerdude111


    Okk. But are the levels really that short because of creation limitations? Or some good user created levels are like 20 minutes long too? I dont mind arcade levels till they are satisfying. Also does the game let you coop user created dreams? Ordered my copy waiting for delivery.
  10. realsoccerdude111


    Is it true that most of the user created dreams are like 5 minutes playable long? Also how is the interface/filter to find most popular/played/high rated dreams?
  11. Story spolier Questions : 1)why do they call Lisa 'Bridges' in one of the cutscenes? (Or was it Unger and i misunderstood) 2)what did the whole bb and moon and back scene mean? Also connection between moon and events in death stranding in general?
  12. Yeh.I Figured the first part but what i am also asking is that suppose out of 10 mules in the camp, i take down 4 mules and loot there cargoes and try to escape the camp zone but so before i make an escape from mules camp can i be pinged and detected by the other 6 mules (as i would be carrying 4 cargoes from the 4 mules that i knocked out) and still be chased by the other 6 mules? (As they send a ping at certain intervals)[ If this is a possibility then That would ruin my stealth run and i would have to take down all the mules before looting their cargoes] Also Q2) suppose i load my cargo on a bike and let it be outside mule zone only to get back to it after looting the camp till how far do the mules search for cargo? Only till their yellow beam boundries are concerned? Or move out bit further ahead too?
  13. May contain Gameplay related Spoilers : I need to know something related to gameplay. I am on chapter 3 When you enter Mule camp to stealth them. Do they attack you on detecting Smoke grenades , metal cargo orange box, resin/ceramic cargo orange boxes. I ask because they have plenty of metals to loot. So if suppose i take down few mules on edge of their camp boundries and steal metals then and there and try to run away from the boundry its all safe and good but suppose if the other mules ping me before i make an exist ,do they detect me on basis of stolen metal cargos from their camp? I know by now that they dont attack if i am carrying a bola gun
  14. Has anyone bought books from roadside stalls on Fountain,Mumbai? Are they first copies?because they sell them are high disocunts. If yes how is the print ,binding quality?
  15. You cant one hit melee/shot stealth kill in outer worlds is this true? Also grass shrubs turns very translucent while sneaking..can this be turned off? I feel it takes away immersion from stealth
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