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  1. Not it doesnt support crossplay and not sure about pc error codes
  2. The season update is good,hoping the patches dont bring major changes. Yes me and my friends are playing pes online as usual. Are you getting NAT2? Run port settings from inside the game Add me on psn to play friendly once you go online.
  3. Hey for a game like Pes would it be better to add individual goals/plays or would collective highlights be good?
  4. Highlights of One of the Online match that i played against a unknown (Random online match) opponent on Pes20. I was playing as Real Madrid,conceded a soft goal but scored good goal I think
  5. Playing on Aus hardcore server on ps4
  6. realsoccerdude111


    Thanks! Here is the extended version
  7. realsoccerdude111


    I published my game on Dreams https://indreams.me/scene/dknkUgnXuYi Play it now!! Also watch its g.i.f ,playthrough on reddit and pls upvote and comment on there.
  8. Any good deals for ds4 controller? I miss the times when it was going for 3000 rs
  9. realsoccerdude111


    This game is a heaven for Indie lovers. Any idea when the co-op ,multiplayer mode releases?
  10. What happened to Alpha? He used to be active on there.
  11. realsoccerdude111


    Did this mario level get copyrighted on ps4? Cant seem to find it Other mario levels dont let you enter the doors Edit : Found it. Just that some dreams are named way too differently to be searched via their usual names.
  12. realsoccerdude111


    Can any dream player link to any site or reedit list that updates the best user created dreams made?
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