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  1. This guy defeated me fairly Thailand vs Norway. I had to play a second match with him Real Madrid vs Juventus :
  2. Came across a very agressive player.was down by 2-0 but came back to win 3-2 in extra time. What a tight competitive match @ Pes21
  3. Pes 21 GOAT? So much fluidity and fun.Hopefully Efootball with a major patch will deliver at similar levels.
  4. realsoccerdude111


    Whatever gameplay was seen in the gameplay video looks bad tbh.
  5. Immense fun @ Pes21 as of now
  6. Immensely enjoying pes21 as of now
  7. I was thinking about switching to Airtel Xtreme fiber but having issues getting a new connection. So people owning Jio Fibernet : Has anyone played Pes18-21 or Efootball using Jio fibernet? If yes how is the gameplay?Lag?Ping issues? Since Jio has strict forwarding protocols.. Also is the matchmaking quick and smooth?
  8. My consecutive winning streak of 75 online matches came to an end but a good come back with a win Enjoying Pes21 immensely till i wait for big 2022 Efootball patch to arrive.
  9. Which would mean more bots instead of actual players on PS with crossplay turned off
  10. When you turn off the hud from in game options menu can you still easily spot and 3D spot enemies?
  11. Half glass full or half glass empty. Anyways i still stand by The delay of bigger patch is a let down but I expect good things from the game with time.
  12. The patch improves the game slightly. The delay of bigger patch is a let down but I expect good things from the game then.
  13. One needs to rent a server to turn it into a portal mode right? Or there will be some Dice portal servers with Dice presets for portal mode as well?
  14. I am happy that Fifa is losing some of its rights. By Monopolizing clubs names,kits,stadiums etc EA is killing healthy competition ,neither do they churn out amazing games year after year. Ultimately its us players who end up losing on quality content.
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