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  1. Sometimes xbox wont detect ultimate game pass abd i have to restart console.. I know this is off topic but can anyone suggest seller with low rise kontrolfreeks at reasonable price? Low rises are tough to find.. My cqc X rock on Ds4s
  2. Even though gifting xbox live card wa s showing error..managed to find my way around the dead link..finished the procedure.. Does the below email seem correct? Welcome to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate! You now have access to over 100 high-quality games across devices, including new titles on day one and the EA Play catalogue. Starting Sunday, January 25, 2026, you'll be billed every 1 month at INR 499.00 plus applicable taxes to Microsoft account balance. We’ll tell you if this price ever changes. Cancel to stop future charges or change how you pay by visiting your Microsoft account. How do I cancel my subscription? Get started with the mobile app > Subscription Information Subscription: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Order Number: 13XXXXXX Plan Price: INR 499.00 plus applicable taxes/1 month Renewal Date: 25 January 2026 Why does it say 499 per 1 month?
  3. Ok can you link me to the post of which the ultimate pass method works? I remember seeing few months back that some aspect of the trick posted on reddit xbox india page works and some aspect doesn't... Thank you
  4. Hi I am about to get Xbox S... Does this 3 years ultimate pass trick work for 5k? Also can we share xbox account like we share playstation account? Thanks
  5. Hey I am about to get a xbox s. Does the 3 years ultimate Game pass for 4-5k thing still work? And can xbox account be shared like Psn plus account is shared? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  6. If i buy insurgency sandstorm from epic store. Can i cross play the same flawlessly with steam store player base? Many ppl are saying avoid epic store..
  7. If i buy insurgency sandstorm from epic store. Can i cross play the same flawlessly with steam store player base?
  8. It takes 2 minutes to find match...small maps modes are fun quick rounds..get intese at the end..big maps are good ,need to find better weapons to dominate..big maps take 2-3 minute to find.
  9. Anyone plays Halo infinite? Add me (leave your i.d. below)and we can play multiplayer together
  10. Has anyone tried to attach their gaming laptop to monitor using Usb type C-Hdmi cable? Is there a increase in Fps due to the same? (I dont think my laptop has mux switch or optimus)
  11. I am fine with 65-70 fps and ill probably buy gaming monitor soon as well to hook it up with laptop
  12. Which is a better laptop for gaming at 60 fps and 2 k resolution? Acer predator helios 300 with rtx 3060,i7 hexacore,16 gb ram or asus tuf a15 or lenovo legion?(same config) Ill probably hook it up to gaming monitor next year..will that be good?
  13. Highlights of online match Arg vs Fra. I play as Arg. Pardes goal was special and then opponent tried to rage quit. The game play and performance are nearly there..20-30% improvement in gameplay and it will be a great game.about 5-10% performance boost on Ps4 and it will play perfect
  14. I was watching my game replay on youtube and i doubt anyone can argue that this game isnt a good game ,the way it plays.
  15. This is my second online match on efootball Ive played quite a few offline matches before.I am on base Ps4 I think the game is 60% there of reaching its full potential. Things i want immidiate improvements with:- -Gfx of grass and animation of grass -Minor improvement in color palette -5-10% fps boost -Menu colors need to be turquoise and translucent(not a biggie) -Online modes with all teams 1vs1 ,2vs2 and lobby should be introduced (I think they are holding back on this to focussed on earning money via forcing people to play my club now and master league in near future) -Collission system can improve slightly -Some players run off the ball automatically ,it should be done manually with limited capacity(depending on players attributes) -minor lag during gk and corner kicks should go Overall the game is definately playable and fun now.I would say gameplaywise its 70% there compares to pes21 with some added features and gfx wise,performance wise its 60-65% there compared to pes21.
  16. I guess there is still no clarity from Sonys side whether ghost of tsushima,shadow warrior 3 and spiderman miles morales are expiring on 7/7/22 or continuing
  17. Yeh it felt like a book borrowed from library that you have to return within 10-11 days.lol
  18. Yes it should be the same for everyone i guess. If anyone else can look it up as well.
  19. I downloaded tshushima and spiderman miles morales. Both show remaining period till 7/7/22. It reads as 13 days remaining. Does this mean that after 13 days the games will be locked out and will be replaced by new games of Extra tier?
  20. No code for every game is different... Anyways a friend tried. It wont read vanilla tsushima edition save file as it detects it as another game and asks to start over. 4-5 hours into act 1 and then ill access iki island
  21. I think its more about code of the game being the same instead of disc-digital version difference.. The code might be different at directors cut released lot later than vanilla version.
  22. Ok one last question. Does my Ghost of Tsushima ps4 save carry over to ghost of tsushima directors cut ps4? I just want to play iki island expansion.
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