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  1. I was certainly enjoying myself against a customized team
  2. Was trailing till 88' against a competitive player, made a come back win in 95'
  3. My Pes21 Real Madrid compilation(Online only)
  4. Pes 21 Tough friendly against one of the best players in Europe.I play as Real Madris vs Bayern Munich (full match)
  5. It seems Dice and EA are really listening to fans on this one. They want to make a big comeback after recent flops
  6. Still playing metro regularly on hardcore/Normal servers on bf4. It was a let down on bf V. But damn Caspian border remake(-Autumn)
  7. It will be interesting to see how far they can push PES for consoles and PC on Unreal engine. Fox engine had a rocky start but did amazingly well with later iterations of PES. I hope that patches will improve PES22 drastically at a technical level throughout the year
  8. Fairplay to opponent but easy win for Munich. Great goal by Gnarby
  9. One lf my most enjoyable match in recent weeks. And one of the best goals ive scored in Pes online. Messi @ 1.32
  10. Parts of My first online match on New game beta. I play as Juventus vs Barcelona on ps4. The opponent quit. Defending is difficult for now.You have to be reqlly close to attackers to tackle.This cant be the final product,They will improve it quite a bit I believe.
  11. Pes 22 will be great..from what ive researched. The final game will be substantially different than this beta. They didnt even name it pes 22 beta. That being said i scored 2 awesome goals on pes 21 yesterday
  12. Bf bc2 ,bf3 and bf4
  13. I hope the control and feel of gunplay is similar to bf3 and bf4. Back then it felt different than cod games but it felt soo good
  14. Amazing goal by Kante. France vs Germany. I play as France
  15. I remember the good old times on bf3 along with vicky,aman,G.O.W and Piper amongst other IVG players.
  16. I am a console player but i was wondering how is the anti cheat system on pc for bf4 and bf5?
  17. Bro Joe. Pls embedd my video too
  18. Meanwhile if anyone hasn't viewed my IVG competitoon winning Battlefield 4 montage here is the link
  19. The gaming industry was better in general till 2011.. You never expected to see so many remakes and remasters post 2014 but we see them all the time. Dice has a newer team as well. Oldschool Vetereans like David Goldfarb left to be replaced by newer team. I guess Dice is no different as far as gaming industry is concerned. That being said The gameplay trailer will be interesting.
  20. Bf games MP are more like 1000 hours replayability. Atleast they will focuss on MP mode and give us a proper MP experience.
  21. I think he meant that SP means Campaign
  22. I hope the map set in Alang in India will be lit
  23. Excited for Gameplay reveal. The color palette of the game felt slightly Haloish but lets see how FPS gameplay turns out to be especially ADS shooting. I still enjoy Op metro,Caspian border,Parcel storm along with few other maps on bf4 regularly <3
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