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    Helldivers 2

    Embed tweet not working, any idea how to embed tweets ? https://twitter.com/wearejoel/status/1759413032273187300?s=46&t=XFFIS8aQy3UwSboaaeZsfA
  2. I found the bear to be too self indulgent. The camera angles, the colour palette, the pretentious emotional roller coasters or the frequent unnecessary close up shots of the actors…. I watched first season, but gave up on the show somewhere after couple of episodes in the second.
  3. Saw Dunki on Netflix. Except stellar performance from SRK, there’s nothing good about the movie. Cringy comedy, stretched out climax and a poor script with half baked characters. IMO, this is Raju Hirani’s weakest movie. I really feel bad for SRK as it looks like he has poured his heart and soul into the movie and it shows on screen, perhaps it’s his best performance after Swades. He definitely deserved a better script !
  4. So Xbox excl now coming to ps5 and ppl are complaining ? why complain lol, I would say it’s a good thing so that we can just buy one console and be done with it 😂 Also looking at the high cost of building aaa games and severe lack of innovation in the games being released (most are remakes or sequels) i think gaming industry in current size and shape might cease to exist in another decade.
  5. It’s decent enough for a video game, usual sci-fi tropes but kept me intrigued until the end. But what I really liked about the game was the amount of activities and side quests and the variety of environments in the world. It feels like a lot, but i felt all the side activities the game throws were fun to play. Also I felt that each and every aspect of the game has been tweaked and improved upon for the better compared to the prequel.
  6. Awesome, it’s a pretty vast game with a whole lot of things to do and many quests. My only tip is that the higher level upgrades in this are much more difficult to get than the prequel and mostly depend on drops from unique machines. Don’t waste valuable resources on upgrading to very rare (purple) , just upgrade to rare (blue) and then wait for the arena to open up and get legendary directly. Most purple ones are given as part of many quests too.
  7. Everything is bigger and better in the sequel. It’s one of the best open world games I’ve played. The world is so much more alive and breathing than compared to the prequel. I think the game released along with Elden ring and got overshadowed. I had way more fun with this than even gow:ragnarok. Looks like they’ve included even the dlc in the pc edition, which makes it more vfm. I’m not gonna double dip, but if someone’s playing on pc fresh I think they’re in for a treat (assuming it’s not very technically demanding that is) !!
  8. Will wait for discounts/arrival on gamepass. Will play the kiryu game already on gamepass until then …. Going by the amount of grind in the prev game, I don’t think I’ll play ng+ here 😂
  9. Ne0

    Indiana Jones

    As long as the traversal/platforming is in 3p, I’m fine with it. Intensive traversal/platforming mechanics for extended periods of time gives me motion sickness 🤮
  10. I use pc gamepass and don’t see so many issues with it for day to day usage. If one wants to purchase as a collector like cc said I can understand that, but I don’t think the app is bad enough to warrant purchasing games on alternate platforms like steam/egs !!
  11. I’ve lost hopes of offline play on pc long ago. I purchased rdr2 and gta5 on pc via egs some time ago but both games require to be connected to internet to play even the single player mode.
  12. They’ll be on gamepass, why does price matter ?
  13. Saw CODA on Apple+. Went thru a roller coaster of emotions, very few movies can make you both chuckle and well up at the same time. I felt it completely deserved it’s academy for best picture. Also I think the Dolby vision implementation on Apple+ is the best among all streaming platforms currently. The movie looked phenomenal !! It has been a good week so far in terms of movies for me, First AIR(prime video) and now this. Both amazing movies
  14. Then I think, maybe you need to reevaluate on your work choices. Maybe find a way to build more interest in your job or find an alternate career/job which gives you job satisfaction. Maybe discuss with your hr/family to get their opinion. My personal experience has been that, Vacations can only help with resetting the mind/reboot myself to gain a fresh perspective etc, but unless I like my job no amount of vacations can help me relax /make me feel good about going back to work !
  15. I usually take my vacations (9-10 days including weekends/holidays) in April/May or October or December last week. Usually prefer to take 2 such vacations in one year where I prefer to travel to a new place. I prefer to travel on week days so that the roads are not congested. Like someone else mentioned, the schedule is usually based on the holidays for the kids as we need to plan around their school schedule. Also, I don’t wait for these travel vacations to reboot. I take a day or two off in between if it happens to coincide with a weekend+holiday so that I get some 3-4 days off at a stretch to form a long weekend for a decent time off from work. To make it count, I usually plug out completely from work the night before the long weekend (shut down my work laptop, don’t have teams/outlook installed on my phone, I silence most work related WhatsApp notifications and make sure my team knows this). These mini-vacations are mostly stay-at-home for self care / family time (eat out at restaurants, visit relatives, go shopping, watch movies/tv shows/play video games etc). So, when I login back to work after the long weekend, I’m completely rebooted.
  16. Saw the movie AIR on prime video. What a fantastic movie man , it’s such a joy to watch Matt Damon and Ben affleck on screen together…. One of the best no nonsense sports/business movie I’ve seen so far…. Why don’t our Film makers make movies like this ? Don’t we have such interesting stories to tell ? All we get is emotional over dramatic excesses with song and dance routines :-/ I think 83 and Dangal are the only good sports dramas I’ve seen in Bollywood in recent years !!
  17. There are more than 4 stances 😮?? Yeah, I’m loving the game, it’s not just the combat, the soothing music, the serene countryside grasslands, flowers and leaves blowing in the wind as Sakai gallops on his horse, the short quests like haikus and health springs, the gong sounds at the beginning and end of every quests, all these add a lot of immersion. I’m finding that the game is a joy to play !!
  18. Ghost Of Tsushima -PS5 : This game is deceptively long and the map is quite large. I’m at act 2 and the no of side quests have been piling up. Almost upgraded the 3 stances and only one stance need to be unlocked and maxed out. This game alone makes the ‘ps+ extra’ membership I purchased last year at discount completely worth the price. Glad I didn’t play it on ps4, the game looks gorgeous on ps5 🤩!! Gears of war 5 - PC : On act 2 and it’s such an amazing game. Like playing thru a blockbuster movie. Makes me wonder why MS didn’t bother with a sequel !!
  19. Yep, that looks to be the end game, an online/ott video game distribution/playing service. I’m not surprised they are going cross platform, I think their aim would be to have gamepass on every major platform eventually ! With the computing power increasing on handheld devices significantly and the network speeds crossing Gbps now, I think by next decade cloud gaming will be far more ubiquitous like Netflix is today, and ms is putting themselves in the pole position !
  20. I think the validation is not about your language prowess, but your intent. They just want to weed out spammers and people who have no interest in automobiles. Try it might just work, worst case- one more rejection 😂
  21. I had to fast fwd some scenes though, made my stomach turn, I think there was no need to be so graphic ….
  22. Saw ‘Obliterated’ on Netflix …. a real trippy ride , one of those shows where you wanna leave your brains behind and not really even attempt to find an ounce of logic, just watch the craziness unfold and laugh it off
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