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  1. Tell me about it, I once commented on umrika’s handling of covid and how it could’ve been better in our office informal WhatsApp group and some nri’s got offended. I mean these guys have returned to India many years ago and are not even working there but somehow a comment on how something could’ve been handled better in their adopted country pissed them off ?
  2. Binged on ‘the romantics’ on Netflix. A documentary on Yash Chopra/Yash Raj films. The first 2 episodes were good and the last 30 mins of the final episode was quite emotional. The guy is truly a legend in Indian cinema. After watching the series,I felt that we often talk of Hollywood directors when we talk of cinema but give little to no credit to Indian directors who actually had such a huge role to play in taking our Indian cinema to an industry level ! Hopefully we get to see more series about such Indian cinema legends ! Also pretty ironical that his last movie was titled ‘jab Tak hai jaan !!
  3. Looks good but after having played the turn based gameplay of like a dragon, these brawler styles look a bit clunky :-/
  4. In my experience, getting job offers from a different domain is actually difficult via job portals as I think they use some keyword search to shortlist profiles. I tried switching from wireless networks sw development to cloud software development some 5 years back and most of the job offers that came my way at that time were mostly from the domain I already had expertise in. I got lucky and one came from the company I wanted to join for a different profile but the hr was kind enough to share my resume with another team who was willing to give me a chance. But I had to relearn all of my fundamentals to pass the interview and take a lower job grade when the offer came in. I guess you can reach out to your friends in that domain ( where you want to move into) and ask them to refer and see if that helps.
  5. I saw Avatar 2:the way of the water in regular cinemas in 3D as IMAX was mostly full over the last weekend. Was still blown away with the visuals. Just like the first movie, this is not high on story/plot or even characters. But I felt it was much better than it’s prequel in these aspects. Visually the movie is a benchmark, especially, the underwater sequences are breathtaking. I felt so immersed in the world of pandora for those 3 hours or so, very few movies felt this immersive to me !!
  6. Can’t I use Google drive to backup photos and stuff instead of icloud ? Also, I’ve kinda moved beyond initial setup, do I have to factory reset now for the native transfer ?
  7. Gifted by wife for my upcoming birthday, iPhone 14: Also, I've been a long time user of Samsung/android and pretty much locked into the Google eco system. Have a pretty old MacBook Air with an apple id, but that's it. Any suggestions on the best way to migrate to Apple/ iOS eco system now ? To start with, how do I move my data from Android phone to iOS ?
  8. Man those Arena fixed load out battles are so hard in the game and since it costs like 250 shards need to keep reloading the game. Stuck at that 4th one in the first level. Thinking of reducing the difficulty to story to complete them.
  9. Yeah, as i remember, there was a doctor who was a member of this forum who used to hate that show with a passion. Not sure if it was @Bird Bird Bird or someone else.
  10. Started the game, in chapter 2 now. The gfx is outstanding. The game seems to start abruptly and doesn't tell much about what's going on. I think they should've had a story recap for ppl who haven't played the first game.
  11. Just completed the quest - Faro's tomb in the game and with all the hooplah around twitter going on right now, couldn't help but kept picturing Elon Musk for Ted Faro in my mind as i listened to Faro's audio logs in the quest
  12. I've i20 petrol sportz 2016 version. No complaints so far. Took it on highways too for family trips before pandemic.
  13. You must to be a really Pro gamer to complete so many games in such short times.... BTW, how long is this game for a regular walkthrough (not targeting towards 100% of achievements) ?
  14. Even the first one was a very generic movie, the only thing going for it was the 3D (novelty at the time, the movie kinda brought it back after a long period of hibernation)
  15. lol, so then pathaan would be compared to this , assuming it would be the next big release .... Any idea of there's a good IMAX in blr ? Not been to one so far ....
  16. Saw the gray man yesterday on Netflix. Maybe the above teaser would've been impressive few years back, now after seeing many action flicks like the gray man on ott, this seems just another run off the mill action movie. Deepika looks awesome though
  17. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Adam Smasher in the game is not even close to how he was depicted in the tv show....
  18. Towards the end it felt more of a saas bahu serial but with dragons....
  19. Horizon: Forbidden West on ps5 and cp 2077 (second playthrough, after upgrading to 1.6 patch) on pc(steam). I've stopped pc gamepass sub this month. Realised i was installing and playing games i really wouldn't otherwise, purely out of fomo. Now I've made it a point to finish all the games i want to play first before buying anything new.
  20. Intresting, i had started phantom menace and stopped it in between after reading all your comments on starting from ep4(first star wars movie) instead. The print on hotstar looks really good, let me see how it goes .... also i guess I've already been spoiled of major plot points from the first trilogy thanks to all the pop culture references across different media
  21. Why ? I thought that's the correct way to watch to understand the lore ?
  22. Started star wars movie marathon, from ep1: phantom menace. Was never really into star wars although i watched the most recent trilogy. But after watching s01 of 'the mandalorian' and few episodes of Andor, I'm interested .... watching the movie in order of episode nos., instead of movie release.... Let's see how it goes
  23. Someone should start a poll on how many plan to get day 1 and on which platform (ps5 vs ps4). Would be interesting to see the result Personally, I plan to get for ps5, but I'll wait for my current playthrough of horizon: fw to finish.
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