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  1. The problem with 1000w PSUs, especially in India is the availability of ups to be able to hold off during a power cut. Most pc ups won't hold off more than 650-750w power for even few mins required for the graceful shutdown.
  2. So why not spend all that time and energy into making a new game instead of remaking old stuff :-/ Looks like this is going to be gen of remakes :-/
  3. All that setup for playing ninty games ? ?? Just kidding, amazing collection and very good setup ?. BTW, don't you face any lag while playing games with the projector ?
  4. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    So, downloaded this from pc gamepass and played briefly. Not really my type of game, but decided to give it a try. The gfx looks insane on pc. Good/intriguing start, anything else to know before i go further ? I know this has been called the walking sim/cargo delivery sim etc, anything i can do to make it intresting ? Or is the whole game about walking from point a to point b ?
  5. Applied for refund. Will buy it later if bugs are fixed or will wait for it to come to gamepass.
  6. House of the dragon was good, except for some shockingly graphic scenes, which i couldn't watch and had to fast fwd them. IMO, just like it's predecessor - GoT, it's not a family watch kind of show. But, neither wheel of time nor witcher has the kind of vibes this show has. HBO seems to have figured out the craft of making fantasy shows like how Marvel does superheroes !
  7. Thanks, i didn't know this, will try. From the reviews, it looks like a game from the x360 era.
  8. I'm exploring enough. I'm still at the initial sections of the main quest as most of my time is spent in side activities. Only reason i played the dying lands quest is i didn't want to be too op for the quest and i was done with most side activities in the areas opened up until then ! Also, being too op kinda takes the fun out of the quest. I always try to play the quests at the recommended levels.
  9. Crap, should've waited for reviews before buying
  10. Thanks guys, i was able to manage but yeah, the dying lands kinda proved to be a little difficult with that fire breathing machine. Spike thrower ammo needs that metal muscle or something which is kinda rare i think, but yeah, otherwise it's kinda op. I used the machine parts valor to break down the parts of the big machine , ranged master duration is way too less for it to be effective especially if the machine keeps jumping around. Maybe the higher levels are better.
  11. Are you guys playing it on easy / normal ? I'm at level 15 and still find the medium big machines hot to handle (ex: the one you encounter at the dying lands level). Bumped it back to easy for now.
  12. Relic ruins are so much fun in this game. Intresting but not too difficult puzzles. Reminded me of the old tomb raider games.
  13. Just completed the game. Story- good, gameplay- bad. Hard to go back to appreciating the gotg movies after playing this game though ?
  14. Ne0

    Yakuza 0

    Y0 is a long, time consuming game. Just some the cut scenes take like 10-15 mins or more. If you're in a rush, this may not be the right game to pick up. IMO, games like these needs to be given enough time and only then can one enjoy it truly. In the series, I've played only Y0 and Y: like a dragon, both were long and time consuming, but they were some of the best video games I've played so far. Y:Like a dragon is literally in my top 10 games of all time !!
  15. I'm keeping ps5 mostly for exclusives, all multiplat in pc/gamepass. Even horizon: fw is like 5k on ps5. Bought the ps4 version from PSN and upgraded it to next gen/ps5 version(wonder what's the point of pricing ps5 version at 5k, when they offer a free upgrade to next gen for PS4 version). Buti feel, even 4k is too high a price.
  16. I pre-purchased it on pc. At that price point hard not to buy. Not having high expectations like it would be goty or anything, but expecting it to be a decent albeit a bit goofy, timepass game.
  17. So I've been playing this game for the past few days, almost on level 14, but still in the early parts of the main quest. I've to say, the game is really fantastic. They have taken the core gameplay of horizon zero dawn and made it better in every way. Visuals are a significant upgrade, the map is huge, tons of side activities to do - some familiar old ones like cauldron and Tall neck, some new ones like relic ruins, salvage contracts etc. Also the side quests are much better fleshed out with their own mini storylines. Even the combat is more fleshed out with melee combat and stealth combat having it's own skill trees. In fact, many of the early game machines can be easily taken down with melee/stealth, without the use of bow and arrow. If you didn't like the first one, you may not find anything new here, but i loved the first game and i think this is a really good sequel improving on the prequel in every way. Too bad it released close to Elden ring and got overshadowed. I think, the game really does deserve far more praise and love than it's getting.
  18. It's ₹1859 on pc and ₹3999 on ps5 , who says console gaming is cheaper
  19. Both Reacher and the terminal list were awesome action shows on prime video. Haven't seen anything close to it on Netflix yet.
  20. Nice, I've similar, but maybe a year older - 32gk650, with 144hz and no hdr. I think it's perfect for gaming with it's 1ms latency. The 32" gives it a good viewing distance especially when playing with controller. I use it with my pc currently as ps5 is hooked to TV (4k). BTW, read somewhere that ps5 would support 1440p resolution soon
  21. Got it finally during prime day ? was worried about delivery as there was no tracking info avilable until yesterday....but it was just a day late and got it today !! Need to wait until Saturday to set it up though as I'm traveling tomorrow. Any recommendations for checking out the 4k awesomeness ? I'm thinking of horizon: forbidden West ?
  22. Let me know if you get it tomorrow, based on that i would also know whether I'll receive i guess. Now i feel, I should've just gone ahead with the digital edition on shopatsc instead :-/
  23. I was able to place one order for ps5 on Amazon yesterday, but it says dispatching now with no status of tracking. Has been the same since yesterday. Anyone face this issue ? The seller seems to be changing between some electronics bazar and kaykay overseas corp, which is really weird. Is this real it some fake seller ? Should I call customer care to cancel the order ?
  24. Watching 'The dropout' on hotstar - on the 7th episode now. It's based on the Theranos story and amusing to know that someone with no startup/business experience was able to pull a scam of that magnitude and hoodwink so many authorities/investors in modern day us (with all their sophisticated investigators and stuff). I mean, the show claims that the company had Rupert Murdoch as an investor and Henry Kissinger on board ! The way the Walgreens got scammed is the most interesting thing on the show. Can't believe all these excecutives were so gullible ! Brilliant performances by both Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews.
  25. I've the LG qhd 32" ultragear gaming monitor (1440p/144hz). I don't see how 60fps+ helps as i don't play any competitive games, but the monitor itself is fantastic. Also i feel 27" is a little less for gaming, 32" is the right size, especially since i play mostly using controller.
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