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  1. One of the director's previous movies was quite appreciated (movie was called rangitharanga), this one looks good too.... I hope it's more of an adventure movie and very less / not really a horror movie
  2. lol what a coincidence, even i watched the movie at home yesterday (second time). Just forget about all that logic analysis and watch as an entertainement movie and it works. I still feel the violence could've been reduced though.
  3. I already have a gaming PC. But recently thinking of getting a console for living room/couch gaming as sometimes I don't feel like being in my room after having worked for 8+ hours there (wfh). Also don't have too much space on my tv unit to keep series x/ps5 for now. Series s is tiny and i can push it into one of the bottom shelves. Last and most important, where's series x available ? Most units get sold within secs/mins lol ?
  4. Ah, so this is only for couch gaming ? Even I'm thinking of getting a series s, does it upscale well to a 4k tv ? Ps4 games look really bad in full hd mode on 4k tv without upscaling.
  5. Ne0

    Forza Motorsport

    Even I've 3060ti , it's good enough for 1440p/40-60fps for cyberpunk level of detail, if you're looking for 4k/60fps consistently in such games, then yeah, maybe 3080/3090 might help.
  6. Ne0


    Ok looks like another console war is brewing here, so yeah, will go back to reading mode and get back when there's more info ps: for the record, i don't own either of the next gen consoles and i play mostly on pc/gamepass these days.... Peace out
  7. Bump. Guys, need recommendations for a soundbar based HT setup. I dropped the idea of avr/speakers etc , just need a simple setup which can support Atmos. Some stuff i checked already (no demos, only reviews) : - Sonos beam gen 2 - Sony HT g700 - Samsung 800qt any suggestions ? There's also Yamaha 209, but it doesn't have Atmos.
  8. Ne0


    Isn't that from obsidian ?
  9. Ne0


    As long as you're not getting personal with offensive remarks, i don't think anybody is gonna ban you for putting forth your opinion. Some might make fun of you for disagreeing with them, just ignore those posts and move on. Ppl come to these forums to discuss after all.
  10. Ne0


    This is a video game forum and a trailer has been released for a highly anticipated game, ppl are gonna discuss it. Some will praise, others might not. Instead of getting upset, learn to ignore and move on. You're not spellbound to read and react to every post now, are you ? Once something new comes, ppl would move on anyway. Also, since it's on gamepass, most who have gamepass active would install and play it anyway. So, relax
  11. Ne0


    That's ok, but do acknowledge that not everyone is and required to be. Sure, but that did not come out very well in the trailer they showed. From what they showed so far, it looked pretty mediocre.
  12. Ne0


    Maybe you're someone with very low expectations. The gameplay was pretty basic, the graphics were average, there was nothing shown in the trailer to get excited about space travel itself which is the main theme of the game. To justify the shortcomings saying this is how they are supposed to be because this is not bioware or this is classic d&d or whatnot, is pretty short sighted. Also, if everyone thought like this we would still be playing 2D side scrollers !!
  13. Ne0


    True, fallout 4 was quite boring. Skyrim was their peak i think. This looks to be quite similar to fallout 4. I was hoping to see some mass effect level of story telling combined with the openness of Skyrim, but from the trailer it looks more like a by the numbers styled generic rpg game. Anyway, it's too soon to completely dismiss it, let's wait for more information since it's still a year away I guess ?
  14. Ne0


    Saw the gameplay trailer, it does look like fallout set in space. I'm still not blown away, it just looks like a pretty generic game.... or maybe I had too high an expectation :-/ Also is it just me or the graphics look last gen ?
  15. I have watched kgf 2 twice now Second time, i watched in prime video at home and strangely, without all the hyper noise of theaters i actually liked it more. Now, waiting for some friends/relatives to visit when i can watch both 1&2 back to back again on prime video !
  16. Dude, where's your review of ulaga nayagan's new movie ? Yay / Nay ?
  17. Started with guardians of the galaxy, is this one of those more cut scenes, less gameplay, qte type games ? BTW, howz scarlet nexus ? The reviews seem to be good.
  18. Hmmm, I've not really played that many jrpgs. Have played ff13, but didn't complete it !
  19. Finally completed the game yesterday. Although in terms of voice acting and quality of cut scenes y0 was slightly better, in terms of sheer likeabality, and the variety of charcters itself, this game takes the cake. The story is quite good as well with lot of twists and turns and the character development of every one is really amazing to watch. The emphasis is more on friendship and team play and it plays a central role in the game. It's also perhaps the least serious game in the series. The sub stories are hilarious and lot of side activities and games etc to take part in. While the turn based gameplay might put off a lot of people, i didn't find it distracting and the way the game opens up introducing each gameplay element, it felt natural and hardly felt like a steep learning curve. Only gripe is the grinding that's needed after chapter 12 as the difficulty rises steeply and some of the final bosses are just hit sponges taking some 30 mins or so to beat. Also there's like 45 mins of cut scenes(including post credit) after the final boss fight !!
  20. +1, looks fantastic. Also, I got a very souls vibe from the game. Any idea if the game is turn based or real time action ?
  21. Mad men is the epitome of office politics and far superior to suits. The good wife and the good fight are also kinda legal/office politics thrillers which are much better. Even 'the office(us version)' is pretty good, although its more of a satire. There's also 'Billions', and 'newsroom', but they are more on the stock market/media business, but most of the show is about inter office/personnel relationships !!
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