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  1. Just completed the quest - Faro's tomb in the game and with all the hooplah around twitter going on right now, couldn't help but kept picturing Elon Musk for Ted Faro in my mind as i listened to Faro's audio logs in the quest
  2. I've i20 petrol sportz 2016 version. No complaints so far. Took it on highways too for family trips before pandemic.
  3. You must to be a really Pro gamer to complete so many games in such short times.... BTW, how long is this game for a regular walkthrough (not targeting towards 100% of achievements) ?
  4. Even the first one was a very generic movie, the only thing going for it was the 3D (novelty at the time, the movie kinda brought it back after a long period of hibernation)
  5. lol, so then pathaan would be compared to this , assuming it would be the next big release .... Any idea of there's a good IMAX in blr ? Not been to one so far ....
  6. Saw the gray man yesterday on Netflix. Maybe the above teaser would've been impressive few years back, now after seeing many action flicks like the gray man on ott, this seems just another run off the mill action movie. Deepika looks awesome though
  7. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Adam Smasher in the game is not even close to how he was depicted in the tv show....
  8. Towards the end it felt more of a saas bahu serial but with dragons....
  9. Horizon: Forbidden West on ps5 and cp 2077 (second playthrough, after upgrading to 1.6 patch) on pc(steam). I've stopped pc gamepass sub this month. Realised i was installing and playing games i really wouldn't otherwise, purely out of fomo. Now I've made it a point to finish all the games i want to play first before buying anything new.
  10. Intresting, i had started phantom menace and stopped it in between after reading all your comments on starting from ep4(first star wars movie) instead. The print on hotstar looks really good, let me see how it goes .... also i guess I've already been spoiled of major plot points from the first trilogy thanks to all the pop culture references across different media
  11. Why ? I thought that's the correct way to watch to understand the lore ?
  12. Started star wars movie marathon, from ep1: phantom menace. Was never really into star wars although i watched the most recent trilogy. But after watching s01 of 'the mandalorian' and few episodes of Andor, I'm interested .... watching the movie in order of episode nos., instead of movie release.... Let's see how it goes
  13. Someone should start a poll on how many plan to get day 1 and on which platform (ps5 vs ps4). Would be interesting to see the result Personally, I plan to get for ps5, but I'll wait for my current playthrough of horizon: fw to finish.
  14. Andor is so good, i think it's the best thing to happen to star wars in recent times , only 7 episodes released on hotstar so far though.... hope the rest of the series is as good. While i wait for further episodes of andor to release in hotstar, started with the mandalorian and that's good too.
  15. Over reacting much ? This is not some Agatha Christie's who-dun-it movie/book, it's an action adventure game, most ppl would play for the gameplay/puzzles, irrespective of knowing few tidbits of info here and there beforehand !
  16. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So as mentioned before playing thru the game with 1.6 patch on PC and still come across so many crashes and bugs. INT build is good though. But for some reason the game doesn't really tell you much about it. I think they should've built the game around it, instead it's relegated to just another build type and you can complete the game without even investing many points here (like i did in my first playthrough). Also those ncpd mini quests are actually good and give nice drops and a good way to earn xp early on in the game. Again it's not mandatory and the game doesn't highlight it, unless one goes to the map and finds it. Also the world looks so beautiful, IMO, this is the true next gen game visually. No other game comes even close !
  17. What a match, Nail biting amazing to watch Kohli in full form after long time
  18. Man, that camera setup No wonder the mocap/animations were so super smooth in DS !
  19. Binged on 'the playlist' on Netflix and finished it over the weekend. Loved it. For the unaware, it's a Swedish tv show about the rise and success of Spotify. Unlike other similar semi-biographical/Rags to riches shows/movies, the story not one linear narrative from start to success, instead it's told from the perspective of multiple stakeholders, with each episode focusing on one facet/pov, like the founder/coder/artiste/music company executive etc.
  20. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    Ok finally gave up on the game, i was in that mountain chapter. The game might've had a decent story in there somewhere and i just played along for the sake of understanding what's going on. But the repetitive gameplay was just too much to actually continue playing. Every BT encounter felt the same, every mule encounter felt the same and lot of time time spent in trekking across for little to no significant reward, except unlocking cut scenes which further the story. The online aspect of world sharing was done well, maybe even better than soulsborne games, the cut scenes and gfx was awesome too, but alas the gameplay is so repetitive, it just couldn't hold my interest. If there's a sequel, hope they consider overhauling the gameplay to make it more interesting !
  21. Watched yesterday, it's a very good movie. I felt as if i was transported to coastal karnataka for those 2.5 hours. Brilliant performances all around ! The whole climax sequence is so well done, goosebumps all over ! I think it's good enough to be India's nomination for Oscars next year ?
  22. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So started another play through after upgrading to patch 1.6. I still see so many bugs. Also, it feels as if they've made all the NPC's damn squeamish that they keep running in all the directions even if V as much as scrapes the kerb by mistake in her vehicle. And if by chance a NPC just touches v's bike, ncpd starts spamming out of nowhere ! Highly annoying ! The transmog feature for wardrobe is a nice addition though. I'm planning to focus on a good INT build this time and complete the play through with different choices, if the bugs don't make me give up i.e., ! Tried out a couple of mods as well since I'm on PC: - Metro system : This gives a metro car using some of the metro stations and the network for V to travel though, which looks like the dev's built initially but didn't make it to the final cut. The city looks beautiful while the car going through. Only a handful of stations can be entered though. Once the novelty wore off, I felt the existing in game fast travel is still a much better option to zip around fast. - Let there be flight : This makes all the vehicles in the game fly. I found the controls not that good, but i felt the mod is very professionally done. And the city does look amazing when flying through....v was able to reach some of the non accessible areas in the game like the space shuttle launch center, although it can't be really driven upon after landing !
  23. So did laenor live to appear in a future episode ? Was this pre planned or done by ser qarl out of his own generosity ?
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