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  1. Woah, that's like an average of 4 hours per day ? How do you manage to get so much of free time in a day ?
  2. It's not just the tech (which i think is still very nascent), but i think that it'll run into lot of regulatory issues. Social media is already being looked down upon by many with fake news and stuff, can't imagine this getting an approval so easily.
  3. Saw this really weird movie called - 'the art of self defense' on Netflix. .... i think it's like a black/dark comedy about hyper(toxic) masculinity.... The movie starts off pretty tame but gets increasingly intense and downright brutal towards the end. At the end of it, i was like 'what did I just watch !?' Jesse Eisenberg nails his role, can't think of anyone else who could've done this movie justice !
  4. Man, reading the first few pages of this thread, brings back so many memories.... this forum was almost like a group chat back then, used to be on at all times on my browser at work , posting random comments.... can't believe it's ~15 years since ! XBOX 360 / PS3 era was some of the best days of playing video games for me, i think, still have my x360/ps3 safely tucked in some place at home with most of my video games from those platforms , couldn't bring myself to sell them on account of nostalgia !!
  5. Started with The Expanse on prime video. 4 episodes in and what an awesome series this is The production values are of the charts. Can't believe I didn't watch it all along. Also i heard they've wrapped up the series just recently, so it's a good thing i guess. Will get to watch the whole story arc without interruptions Also completed watching season 1 of 'Yellowstone' on prime video. Pretty average stuff. I think Kevin Costner is the only highlight of the show !
  6. EA play is so buggy, gave up after trying to reinstall multiple times. I think the link between ea play and xbox/gamepass app on pc is really broken and needs fixing. Installed this other game called 'Fire watch' from gamepass instead, read good reviews about it, let's see how it plays out.
  7. So I tried starting the game today and see that the game is uninstalled for some reason. Anybody face this issue with pc gamepass before ?
  8. After the superb desperados 3, installed ME:Andromeda. Liked the original mass effect trilogy(loved the first one a lot , the 2/3 not so much), so thought of trying this one out as well. Not expecting a goty or anything, hope it's a decent timepass game BTW, is there a thread for the same here ? Couldn't find it in search !
  9. Until 3, sr was good, but 4 was terrible.... and to me, this seems to be similar to that. I can understand them sticking to this goofy version of gta before, but considering such a vast space is available now, i thought they could've easily swooped in and made their mark !
  10. Why all the buffoonery ? There's such a huge void left with no successor to gta v since the past decade or so, and is this the best they can come up with ? I don't understand why is no other game dev filling in that void , i think at this stage, even a half hearted clone of gta v would bring in more revenue then all those cod / bf games that keep coming in every year !!
  11. .... and completed the game today. What a brilliant game it was. The soundtrack, characters, the wild west atmosphere everything was spot on. I think after rdr 1 & 2, this is by far the best game set in the wild West. The levels are so varied, the abilities of each character is so well thought out and with adhoc quick saves one can easily go out and experiment multiple ways of clearing a level. In fact the quick saves is encouraged by the game and it flags a reminder to save the game every minute or so. Too bad it's going away from gamepass this month and not many would have played this game considering its a real time tactics game. But IMO, this was one of the best games I've played. It's tough as nails, but the joy of completing a level without triggering any alarm is exceptional, kinda like when you defeat a boss in soulsborne series !! Thanks to gamepass, else i would've completely overlooked this gem of a game Any other similar awesome games in this genre ? PoE ?
  12. Watched a couple of Indian movies over the weekend: Pushpa - watched the Telugu version on Amazon prime video. The movie was good, excellent performances, good music and enough drama to keep the narrative engaging. Length Could've been shortened by some 15 mins though. The intro of the main villain seemed really out of place and could've been done in the sequel. Chandigarh kare Aashiqui - A very mature film that speaks about a very sensitive topic in quite a mature way. I think Ayushman khurana is one of the best current gen actors around and his choice of movies really speaks about his versatility. Saw Atrangi Re a week ago as well. Very novel concept and handled in a very light hearted way. For some reason the music just didn't click for me.
  13. Hi guys, looking for a recommendation for dishwasher. - any suggestion between an inbuilt/fully integrated vs standalone dishwasher ? - which is a reliable brand (in terms of support/durability/ease of usage/effectiveness against Indian cooking vessels etc) ?
  14. Not sure why spoiler tags aren't working, can some mod do the needful and spoiler tag my above post.
  15. Final Empire is indeed over of the best fantasy books I've read so far. Kelsier is one of the best written characters in a novel, the twist where [hide] ruler kills him with just one simple slap to the face [/hide] was so damn shocking. I wasn't expecting vin to defeat [hide] ruler [/hide] at the end. I thought that was gonna happen only in the sequels. That was quite a neat surprise as well.
  16. I started with mistborn series, the first book was totally awesome, excellent page turner. Started with book 2, i felt it's quite a slow in the beginning, hoping it picks up pace soon.
  17. I bought the game for like 500 with the 750 discount coupon in egs. Waiting to complete Halo infinity story mode before starting this.
  18. Hmmm interesting. Some of the reviews i read say that the movie focuses too much on cricket and less on drama, which gives the vibe of a docu-series. Take dangal for ex, were the focus is more on the characters then the support itself. Anyway, let me check once it releases on ott.
  19. Hmmm interesting. Some of the reviews i read say that the movie focuses too much on cricket and less on drama, which gives the vibe of a docu-series. Take dangal for ex, were the focus is more on the characters then the sport itself which makes it an engaging watch. Anyway, let me check once it releases on ott.
  20. Bought a bunch of games, all digital, all for pc on egs, thanks to their discount coupons : - Immortals: fenix rising - bought it mainly after reading the glowing reviews the game rec'd. - rdr 2 - have it and completed once on PS4, but bought it again just to check the pc improvements - ac: unity & ac: syndicate - read that the games are really good to play even in 2022 with all the bugs fixed.
  21. Hmmm, i don't mind the lack of masala, but if it's too much of documentary styled narration - i e., presenting one fact after another, I'm not too keen on watching it as movie. Anyway I'm not going to theaters, will watch when it comes on ott.
  22. Going by your description, it feels more of a documentary then a movie
  23. Ne0

    Halo Infinite

    At one time there were these 2 hunters and I just ran away instead of engaging them.... they seem far more harder this time around, how do you even defeat them ?
  24. Ne0

    Halo Infinite

    Done with the spire , the gameplay is so good, don't understand why everybody is saying campaign is not good, i find it very engaging and story is interesting as well. Also I can only imagine how hard it would be to take down those hunters on heroic/legendary ....
  25. Ne0

    Halo Infinite

    Yeah, the saving checkpoint doen't carry across reloads, saving progress does, learnt the hard way after losing progress twice
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