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  1. Im an ps plus usa subscriber for last couple of years. Planning to shift to india ps plus account. Do my us ps plus games are playable?
  2. gmanu555

    Gaming PCs

    I'm looking for 22 or 24 inch IPS monitor for primarily office work and casual gaming. Please suggest some good ones in 10k range
  3. Make the payments atleast 3days before due date. Sometimes Cred app takes 1-2 days to credit the amount.
  4. Prices increased in epic games mega sale? Everything seems priced high compared with what i checked last night
  5. Uncharted Collection Journey Free for everyone on playstation store. PS plus not required.
  6. Uncharted Collection Journey Free for everyone on playstation store. PS plus not required
  7. Watch Dogs Free Now - Mar 26 at 08:30 PM https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/watch-dogs/home
  8. Wherw to buy genuine microsoft office 2019 for best price?
  9. Flipkart Sale from 19th to 22nd Jan Samsung S9 22999/- Samsung S9 Plus 27999/- Additional 10% on icici credit and kotak debit and credit cards
  10. Newegg.com has import fees included unlike bhphotovideo.com Shipping and import on newegg is like 4500 INR.
  11. Has anyone bought anything from bhphotovideo.com. Just saw a deal ryzen 7 2700 for 12290/- including shipping. Pls let me know if there will be any hidden charges if I buy from here. And can the same pricing found in offline market in Hyderabad? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1417540-REG/amd_yd2700bbafbox_amd_ryzen_7_2700.html
  12. No. Im planning to use ryzen 2500g inbuilt graphics for now. That way i can have entry level gaming pc for 40k. Please suggest if there are any better options.
  13. Ryzen 5 2500G 12800/- inbuilt Vega graphics Ryzen 5 1600 14900/- Which processor is best? Requirement is gaming at 720p and programming .net / java. I dont want to spend on gpu right now but have plans to add it after 1year. Also suggest motherboard for ryzen 5 with usb 3.1 and hdmi.. support of gpu gtx 1060.
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