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  1. Please suggest good multi device keyboard. I'm planning to use with windows and ipad
  2. I'm using creative stage air 20w soundbar. Generally available for 2k. Check reviews.
  3. Amazon India already stopped taking returns of electronic products. Last week I bought tplink wifi powerline adapter and raised request for return as the connection speed is even bad than my existing wifi. Amazon customer service has not accepted the return as product is working and suggested me to check the reviews before buying. After some explanation from my side they accepted return as one time exception.
  4. The Hunter : Call of the wild Free this week on epic store
  5. Free games this week epic store guild-of-dungeoneering-classic kid-a-mnesia-exhibition never-alone-kisima-ingitchuna
  6. 899 only if you renew before expiry. After expiry it is 999
  7. Free Epic games this week Void Bastards Yooka Laylee
  8. Free games on gog.com till sep 3 https://www.gog.com/promo/rerelease_ultima_underworld_and_syndicate Ultima™ Underworld 1+2 Syndicate Plus™ Syndicate Wars™
  9. Already redeemed by someone else
  10. Amazon revealed the price 47999 for iphone 11 in prime day sale.
  11. 49999/- 64gb 750/- instant discount with icici cc.
  12. Free epic games this week Defense Grid Verdun
  13. Today ivg asked for 2 factor authentication when logging in from android mobile. Is it an additional safety feature introduced recently in ivg.
  14. Free epic games this week Obduction Offworld trading company
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