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  1. Dondoko Island should be treated as another game.
  2. Just received game. Paid extra 200 for cod.
  3. I have ordered from this site nekavo priced 3699 Selected cash on delivery for extra 200 rupees,they have shipped today lets see.
  4. Just started this game on pc. 4K 30-40 fps on 6700xt. no fsr option
  5. Even crafting and gil was so useless. This game highs are super high and lows are so low.
  6. Completed the game. Ending was beautiful. this game could have been so much better without a lot of fetch side quests
  7. Almost at end of the game Mixed bag for me
  8. base and all companions felt like normandy. Also
  9. Also did anyone feel this game went mass effect route
  10. Done with the game Would rate this squeal above gow ragnarok. Both the games had beautiful world and fun gamplay but average stories it was slightly better with horizon .
  11. Having super fun with the game now. can someone recommend must have passive skills.
  12. Done with the game. had a blast with this game, story wise probably on weaker side and also lack of epic set pieces unlike previous games. having said that i can't play gow like linear hack and slash anymore i love playing this game as RPG. gameplay wise probably best in the series infact one of the all time best for me. this game so spoiled me horizon forbidden west feels so boring now
  13. Just finished first mission. Felt really boring does it get any better? i was big fan of first game somehow first mission felt meh also iam coming after finishing Ragnarök
  14. This game is so addictive. just going farming ,fishing and gambling
  15. Started playing this game. Big fan of feudal japan, hope this one delivers
  16. Completed the game. Has the best combact system in entire series. i really loved main story 9/10 for me but first judgment had better main story. School stories were mixed bag some really great others were like grinding. bikers club had some really funny moments but actual races were like grinding but robotics games were great.
  17. Need help with cpu cooler and cabinet for this combo Amd Ryzen 5600 MSI B550M VDI PRO WIFI 8X2 16GB Gskill ripjaws 3200mhz Sapphire 6700xt Adata cybercore 750w Adata 512gb Gen 4 M.2
  18. Yokohama in this game looks more warm then yakuza like a dragon which had cooler tone.
  19. For me second best game in series after zero and Judgment would be third best. started playing lost judgment lets see where it ranks. this would be my lost game in yakuza marathon before ishin arrives.
  20. Hope nothing happens to lou from the trailer That last mission from ds1 was so emotional.
  21. My sony X900E gone kaput. Got a new LG C2 48inch for 94k. So far its good, need to test my ps5. Can someone with oled tv recommend me good picture settings, colors are saturated and artificial compare to my previous sony x900e
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