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  1. Just got my new xbox series s from us (around 24k indian conversion) Game pass ultimate for first month cost me around 50 rupees, downloaded psychonauts 2 from game pass waiting for game to unlock around 5.30 am
  2. Anyone playing xbox series s on a 4ktv? how does it looks
  3. just now done AMD cpu fix with hex editor.. there is boost in fps
  4. yeah with medium RT settings got around 65fps on a indoor mission ultra rt somewhere 48-58 fps yet to explore outdoors
  5. getting 75-80 fps without RT indoors ultra @1080p should i turned it on
  6. getting 65-70 fps on ultra @1080p with ray tracing off using 2060 super
  7. steam done downloading... already encountered a bug
  8. need to upgrade my nvidia drivers to 460
  9. Done that another update. yeah total 5gb..
  10. Done updating Wth not unlocking
  11. some 3gb new update loading on steam
  12. can this game run on ultra @ 1080p resolution with 2060 super
  13. Big fan of bioware... hope this game comes out good. loved all the dragon age games
  14. Just purchased it on steam
  15. Need help with Ryzen 3600 temperature getting 43 at idle when it runs around 200 mhz but ryzen master shows lot of sudden spike from 43 to 60 frequency rising from 200 to 2000 mhz ran prime 95 torture test for 5mins temperature reached 92c had to stop it as peak was 95c everything with stock cooler
  16. Guess what My Corsair RM750 is not working and my cabinet (Corsair 600T ) inside cables are gone it's been two years since i used them. psu is 6 years old Ordered new corsair cx550w should be sufficient for my build. need final recommendation on a budget cabby under 5k
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