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  1. 17 hours ago, KnackChap said:


    no one knows. the ending is completely changed in this game like its a multiverse or 2 timelines. 


    the second cloud and the other character who looks similar to him is called zack and he had a very very small but extremely important role in the original ff7. later he got his own spin-off game (crisis core psp. also getting a remake for ps4/5). anything more and it'll be a minor spoiler for ff7 but major one for crisis core.

    saw about zack character but didn't want to read further in Wikipedia so it doesn't spoil  future crisis core remaster/remake for me.
    Now i have thirst for this game don't know if i should play original ff7 game or wait for rebirth.

  2. Started this game without playing original ps1 title. was lost on lore in initial few chapters, but characters kept slowly growing on you especially after meeting Aerith in chruch.

    Iam about to finish chapter 11. Combact is so awesome.

  3. 7 hours ago, AtheK said:

    6-7 in city?? Get your car checked for clogged air filter or fuel filter, Vento nwith same 1.2 TSI engine bloody gives me 10 - 11 on normal days and sometimes 9-10 in very bad traffic. 6-7 probably I will get if I keep it in sport mode and above 4000 RPM in city :P


    I Sa Slavia the other day, it really looked handsome from outside. Virtus might better it. 

    My father's office route is generally less then 5km with heavy bumper traffic. 10-11km is a good figure for any petrol vehicle in a Bangalore traffic.

  4. 7 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


    Is Alcazar using the same Diesel engine as Carens ? I think Alcazar is 2000 cc ?


    If your run is not high, try the turbo Petrol variant. It's f**king amazing. Super silent, and great pick ups. There is minor lag in 2nd gear, but both Diesel and Petrol have really long 3rd gear for city drives (~15-80 kmph). 

    Alcazar petrol uses 2000cc engine.

    Diesel comes with same 1.5 engine of creta/seltos/carens heck my 2016 model creta was 1.6 engine.

    Coming to carens it feels underpowered at lower rpms compare to creta you need to downshift a gear to get some extra power. felt like driving a  i20 engine then creta 

  5. 1 hour ago, harsh1387 said:

    Don't get both.

    Alcazar is underpowered and not worth the price. 

    Safari has niggles and the touchscreen in both Harrier and Safari isn't good enough.


    Among 6/7 seater Kia Caren is the best bet. Even if you have to wait for couple of months. XUV700 is another good option but waiting period is too high. 


    Mg hector is a good option as well though I am not sure how good is it's drive so do a TD before making your mind. 

    Xuv700 has a waiting of over a year.

    My father requires car immediately for daily use. Sold creta and he is using my polo gt which gives ridiculous low mileage of 6-7 in city.

  6. 19 hours ago, Bhpian Bali said:



    Why are you not considering kia carens?

    Long waiting period about 4months

    Did test drive diesel engine feels little underpowered where as same engine on alcazar felt ok. Have removed alcazar from my buying list now its between Tata safari and MG hector plus.  even mg hector diesel variant has long waiting period.

  7. Guys iam going to upgrade my 6 year old creta with 1.35 lakhs km driven.

    Iam confused between  tata safari and hyundai alcazar. Need to be 6/7 seater and a diesel variant, budget around 23 lakhs. I want to get tata safari but dont have confidence on tata/mahindra reliability. Dunno if they have removed reliability in last few years. Polo gt is my primary vehicle. suv would be used by family with chauffeur.

  8. 10 hours ago, STICK3Rboy said:


    Ah, I misread your earlier post and thought you already had the torch :P



    Yeah, Haligtree and Elphael are some of the more difficult areas in the game.

    But you do get rewarded with a lot of runes there.

    I had normal torch which didnt work.


  9. 1 hour ago, STICK3Rboy said:


    You can just run past them and climb the ladder that's near one of the towers.

    They should stop bothering you once you're up top.

    Finished it.

    I had to buy special torch from merchant near hermit shack.

    Enter heligtree i hate this level, somehow managed to finish branch part, enter town part lion dude with 2 hit kill and iam on level 170.

  10. Unlocked Moonlight ruins.

    Got the Dark moon sword. Was able to defeat bosses easy, but stupid wolf in Moonlight ruins gave me tough time.

  11. Finally killed dragon at caelid bridge on level 91.

    Btw poition mix you get from edtree boss near volcono manor is too good for someone with low fp to summon high tier ash spirits.

  12. Godskin Apostle in Divine tower of caelid was hardest boss for me.

    Switched from dual greatswords to colossal weapon.


    I need help with blaidd.

    Cant see blaidd in rannie'quest. only ije and seluvis are present in tower. Met blaidd during festival after boss fight he says will meet again. So far progressed into norken city and cleared ancestral boss

  13. Just beat Roya lucaria boss.
    Any suggestion for mid game level 62 respec little bored with my dual wielding greatswords with banished knight set

  14. 1 hour ago, zen said:

    If its about whether it messes up a quest, it doesn’t make a difference whether you beat Rennalla or not. 

    Yes this is what i wanted to know

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