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  1. I did check on reddit This issue seems to be there with Xbox series x and there is deference between Auto HDR and Native HDR atleast users in reddit think so. I didn't play much on Auto HDR to tell difference.
  2. My PS5 is finally preparing for dispatch. Hope they ship it before some lockdown.
  3. Done with Yakuza 5 Finale chapter was too good. had issues with pacing but ending made up with it. Jo amon fight with kiryu would be as cheap as series can get.
  4. Tested on Gears 5 again looks really good. But games like Fifa,NBA 2k looks washed out.
  5. Brightness was never issue, it's contrast that looks washed out. Blacks looks more like grey, gamma is set to default zero , i could increase contrast enhancer and advance black but doesn't look natural
  6. Anyone own sony x900e here? how does hdr gaming work for you, for me most the time looks washed out except for few games like gears 5 or horizon zero dawn dunno if it is tv's fault or game has worst hdr implementation
  7. Just checked mass effect legendry edition. If anyone have auto hdr ticked in settings please remove it. game goes into auto hdr when it has native hdr support
  8. Found a new trick with download speed. close any background running s game for quick resume. download speed will go back to full speed.
  9. Series X or ps5 which version to get?
  10. Guys ps4 version director's cut is available for 1800 in Amazon is it worth buying over ps5 version which costs 3800? Heard you can upgrade to ps5 version for 830₹
  11. Ok will try with Microsoft. Stick drift my last few controllers have been nightmare
  12. It's in standby mode. But had to remove power cord for some cleaning and when power cord was plugged in i saw fan started spinning
  13. Btw anyone had this issue, When i plugged in power cord top fan started spinning without turning on console
  14. Spoke with customer care regarding packing, they initially said will replace new console but later they said no stock and will refund full amount. Told them about controller guide button is hard to press, there only option whole console replacement which is not in stock so complete refund. I asked for some kind of coupon to buy new controller. best they could provide me is 500 bucks pathetic. i was tempted to return series x since i ordered ps5 yesterday, then again i have gamepass for next 2 and half years.
  15. Using amazon app is faster then browser. Also using Amazon pay upi has instant priority over cards. i was trying from 11.45 with bots on web browser with 3 sites Shotatsc,flipkart,amazon as well as with my mobile, had two different ps5 links in my amazon wishlist. one was added recently, another was old link added to Wishlist around July and that link was not working, so was trying with new link on both browser and mobile, suddenly round 12:01 pm on my mobile i could see old link having option of add to cart, instantly added to cart whole process happened in less then 20 seconds thanks to amazon pay upi. after paying for few minutes order was under hold then got approved.
  16. Tried matrix resurrections demo on my series x looks great on 4k. i liked it without matrix color mode
  17. Without help of bot Wishlist from amazon mobile app. Amazonpay upi works fast
  18. First 3 levels were fun to reach. after reaching final level felt more like work then enjoyment. This game also needs some luck with loot
  19. Had super fun with this game close to some 20-30 hours. But got bored once after reaching final level. again had to start from level 1 killed my interest maybe roguelike is not my cup of tea with super grinding.
  20. Everything inside looks like new and properly sealed. But i can see hand marks immediately on console dunno if it was my hands, console looks finger magnet unlike series s. apart from that everything feels new. gave complaint to customer service they said will report to concern team. I'm waiting for some kind of coupon. Also download speeds are horrible
  21. Checked online, mostly UI/software problem. This issue popped up after updating controller, not a big problem but have to hard press sometimes. Doesn't feel like hardware problem, it looks normal without being stuck
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