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  1. Speaking with their Customer service now. BTW xbox guide button is not working unless i press it hard. never had this problem with my white series s controller. is it normal with series x controller?
  2. Have added to wishlist. Let's see everytime I keep refreshing at 12am It's currently not available. Flipkart exactly at 12 its out of stock.Shopatsc is the worst of all never for once I can click on pay button.
  3. Can someone book for me on 28th. Somehow i cant even able to add to cart
  4. Even i had this problem with xbox series s on Airtel fibernet. Connecting with ethernet cable(cat6 for above 100 mbps) solves this problem.
  5. It's still preparing to dispatch here Anything to do with prime members getting it first?
  6. It's showing preparing to dispatch. will arrive by December 30-31st
  7. I would have preferred to sell it here or olx if not for hagglers, especially olx is infested with them and some of the trolls are asking for 5-10k. since my console was imported so i got almost same price for which i bought, if it was an indian console with warranty there is noway i would have sold it on gameloot or cex
  8. Sold my Series s on gameloot today. Cex has no service for my place, Sold for almost same price for which i bought.
  9. I don't play any MP games You will be surprised regarding SP games available right now on xbox. Almost completed 6 yakuza games on gamepass still two more left, absolutely loved dragon quest 11. it Gave me feel like persona 5 . Another gem was hades, iam yet to play nier automata,tales of vesperia which was on gamepass later got moved. Bought on deals for 500 rupees, I hope tales of arise would hit gamepass so does judgement series from yakuza studio, already mass effect collection is going to hit in jan
  10. Guys any idea on gameloot is it legit ? thinking to sell my series s on gameloot for 22.5k. bought for 24k from us
  11. Done with yakuza 4. Best game after yakuza zero. jin amon fight on hard mode was probably toughest fight so far i have faced in yakuza series
  12. Yakuza 4 Iam on chapter 3 of part 2 so far it's awesome.
  13. Yakuza Like a dragon is probably one of the best game available on gamepass. Dragon quest 11 is another gem on gamepass.
  14. I'm in initial chapters orphanage missions are really emotional. i don't know why this game gets bad rep. so far iam liking this game better then kiwami 2
  15. I own a xbox series s and i play on my sony 4ktv. have no issue regarding upscaling or performance. games which are optimized for Xbox series s/x looks really great. forza horizon 5 looked truly gorgeous on my series s. problem would be old games lot of one x optimized games won't work on series s but rather you will get one s versions except for first party titles which have been optimized for series x/s. few 3rd party titles have unlocked 60fps. hoping in future lot of 3rd party xbox one gets series s updates.
  16. So far it's better then Kiwami 1. Wish they had full map of Sotenbori like in Yakuza zero.
  17. You can't expect much from older games except for fps boost or resolution bump. it would be similar case for ps4 games on ps5 except for few first party remaster for ps5
  18. Myself owner of Series S . Was sick of waiting for ps5 restocks which would still be first choice as primary console. sold my pc stuff last year hoping to upgrade suddenly prices of all gpus went sky rocket Before that i sold both of my xbox one x and ps4 pro hoping to upgrade to new gen console then covid hit. I was suddenly left with no gaming hardware to play. My sister was coming from us so i got series s for cheap 23k (299usd). Hardly had any hopes on Xbox platform. previously I didn't purchase single game on one x before that I had a fat Xbox one which came with sunset overdrive. all I did was to play backwards compatible games like mass effect series and ninja gaiden black on one x. When i got Series S everything changed with gamespass now. There lot of single players like yakuza series, dragon quest , nier automata , tales series , hades e.t.c not just another halo/gears multiplayer games. then there is starfield which iam looking forward, ps5 would be my main console for 4k and series s as my gamepass machine. regarding 60 fps most of next gen games do support 1080p/60 fps. but from what little next gen games i have played i prefer playing 30fps on 1440p. Forza 5 looks gorgeous on series S, yakuza like a dragon on 30 fps 1440p looked better then 900p/60 fps. somehow i feel 30fps on console feels lot smoother then on pc. just my personal opinon. One Big issue with Series S would be older games except for first party titles most of them still run on one s version instead of one x version. where as series x runs on one x version of games they could atleast release fps boost to 60fps if 4k is not possible and few of the games have done that
  19. Started playing this game after completing kiwami 1 Gorgeous looking game but somehow my eyes hurt game doesn't feel as smooth as previous games having same 30fps. even on dragon engine yakuza 7 with same 30fps on 1440p felt better Combat system seems to be completely different from zero and k1. by the end of the kiwami 1 Tiger drop was so dope. now iam back to being mortal again
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