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  1. @KnackChap @Agent 47 Thanks for the feedback.. that was fast.. I used to travel a bit, thanks to my work, and it does look like the travelling would start again soon.. so this was to be my companion to pass some time in my hotel room.. ?
  2. I used another.. that’s 2 used.. thanks @kold_war
  3. @KnackChap How different does it feel playing on the lite vs the switch.. asking since I am contemplating buying one.. a slightly used one hopefully.. ?
  4. I had to take the easy way out on this, so picked it straight from your wishlist. Hope your brother has an awesome time with the game..
  5. Thank you my @otaku.u santa.. Amazing gifts.. And a mallu santa to boot.. what more could I want!!
  6. My Santa is on a roll!! first the game and now these. Thankful I could atleast take this pic before my wife and kids and their friends gobbled it all down. Perfect timing!! And absolutely delicious!! Abhi toh bata do.. Kaun ho?
  7. I didn’t either.. Till I got it!! @Animus that would be me. I do hope the gift card/msg was inside that.. There is one more coming your way, hopefully it gets delivered soon. I wish I could be philanthropic on that level..
  8. Thank You Santa.. This means I will be spending quite some time in front of the TV these holidays. Do reveal yourself!!!
  9. I am in too, have always wanted to take part in this but have never been around. So let’s do it this year.
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