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  1. Played Nathan Nik 5 - 4 Nat Nik 1 - 4 Nat gg wp bro
  2. Name : Nikhil PSN : neonkryptonite95 Team : PSG
  3. Her armour set is also one of the most sick looking ones in the game.
  4. PSG masters of choking Also the third goal from Benzema, crazy finish
  5. Sorry if it has been answered before but can anyone tell me how to upgrade to the ps5 version. Am not getting the option anywhere Edit: Nvm, had an US region disc so just had to use an US acc to download.
  6. The latest episode of Demon Slayer was sooooooo good!!! Fight scenes were so well done. Animation was top notch. Best episode of the season!!! Season finale next week
  7. The game is pretty good. I’m having a lot more fun than I thought I would. The game does sooo many things good, definitely a step in the right direction. Only if they would have put more effort in the open world and the gfx, easily would have been a 10/10.
  8. Same looking for people to coop with. Have added you id NeonKrypt#3821
  9. This is my first Forza game and am literally blown away! Looks and plays so good. Can't get enough of the photo mode lol
  10. Easily one of the best games I played this year
  11. Played @akhilnair7 Nikhil 0 - 3 Akhil wp bro gg
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