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  1. Done with the main campaign. Proper space rpg with exploration and freedom. Starts out slow but if you push through the initial hours it gets better. I loved the fact that while doing a quest you don’t even realize when you get shifted to a different quest altogether and end up doing something completely different on a different planet Side quests and random quests were spot on, ended up completing the Ryujin industries quest line as I was heavily invested in the narrative. Wasn’t much into ship and outpost building but I can see the appeal for people who are into that kind of stuff because it looked like a separate mini-game on its own. The planets which were aligned with the main quests seemed to be properly developed. The rest of them felt barren for most of the part. The whole exploring and surveying part gets boring after a while. The level design in some of the main quests is very convoluted and has many game-breaking bugs, especially during the ending stages. I don’t even remember the number of times I had to load a previous save file when the game would glitch out by not giving you the items to proceed with the quest. Interactions with other characters and the whole dialogue sections feels pretty dated, especially when there are many other games which do it much better. But overall, it was a very nice experience and if you are ready to ignore few of the bugs which I believe will be patched later on you are definitely going to have a great time. Personally, would rate it a 7/10. Few screens captured on Series S, has story quest spoilers
  2. Done with the main game. After GoW 3 there was no game that even came close to epic boss fights and this game easily surpassed that for me. The story, background music, epic long-a*s cutscenes everything was just perfection! I don't game anymore like I used to nor have the time but this game brought good old gaming days back for me where you just don't feel like putting down the controller away.
  3. Garuda Boss fight was one of the best boss fights I have ever played. Holy shittttttt People who are sitting on this get it ASAP. It is a linear action game with rpg elements shoved in. If you can ignore that it is easily one of the best games right now in the market.
  4. A full 16 years after the last entry, the game widely viewed as the best in Dragon Ball Z history will have a successor. The official trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4 was revealed at the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals on Sunday
  5. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/one-punch-man-season-3/
  6. Name: Nikhil PSN: neonkryptonite95 Team: Aston Villa
  7. Ichigo Uzumaki

    FIFA 23

    EA has officially announced FIFA 23 with a release window of autumn 2022, marking the final entry in a series it has developed since launching on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in December 1993. Next year the mega-publisher will break away from football’s governing body to kick off EA Sports FC. FIFA says the series is to move forwards under a different developer. Alongside the release window, EA has confirmed the game’s Ultimate Edition cover athletes. Other versions of FIFA 23 are expected to be unveiled imminently. Trailer on July 20!
  8. Played Nathan Nik 5 - 4 Nat Nik 1 - 4 Nat gg wp bro
  9. Name : Nikhil PSN : neonkryptonite95 Team : PSG
  10. Her armour set is also one of the most sick looking ones in the game.
  11. PSG masters of choking Also the third goal from Benzema, crazy finish
  12. Sorry if it has been answered before but can anyone tell me how to upgrade to the ps5 version. Am not getting the option anywhere Edit: Nvm, had an US region disc so just had to use an US acc to download.
  13. The latest episode of Demon Slayer was sooooooo good!!! Fight scenes were so well done. Animation was top notch. Best episode of the season!!! Season finale next week
  14. The game is pretty good. I’m having a lot more fun than I thought I would. The game does sooo many things good, definitely a step in the right direction. Only if they would have put more effort in the open world and the gfx, easily would have been a 10/10.
  15. Same looking for people to coop with. Have added you id NeonKrypt#3821
  16. This is my first Forza game and am literally blown away! Looks and plays so good. Can't get enough of the photo mode lol
  17. Easily one of the best games I played this year
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