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  1. Dont get to see such VFX breakdowns outside of Corridor Crew. More of this pls.
  2. Guys which online platform would you suggest for all kind of investments which is hassle free and does not have hidden charges. Kind of confused with so many out there.
  3. R3D_D3ViL

    Resident Evil 4

    Anyone playing on xbox, is the controller aiming actually borked or it plays fine?
  4. R3D_D3ViL

    Resident Evil 4

    It sounds as if it is pouring cats and dogs but visually seems like drizzling.
  5. Joel was selfish alright but I would do what he did if my kid was on that table...wouldn't think twice. Part 1 was always about how far would you go to protect your loved ones.
  6. R3D_D3ViL

    Remnant 2

    This has me psyched
  7. So the Daniels before winning the Oscar today directed this music video nine years back. Daniel Kwan stars in it as well. Be careful where you watch this -
  8. Funnily crossfade is available on apple music on android but not on ios. Go figure
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