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  1. Love, Death, Robots Vol.3 was a far better effort than the Vol.2. My favs of this lot- 1. Bad Travelling - Amazing atmosphere. Fincher at work. 2. Night of the mini dead - Awesome concept. Short and crisp. 3. Jibaro - holy f**k what was that. Couldnt take my eyes off. Made by the same guy who did 'The Witness' from Vol.1 which was my fav.
  2. Swiss Army Man from the same directors was wacky as well. Expect nothing less from them. Was on my watchlist for long. Downloaded and hopefully get to watch this weekend.
  3. Where can you watch this? Not finding this on the high seas as well. Didn't this release recently?
  4. I got that..but yaa it was out of context
  5. Top Gun:Maverick metacritic sitting at 81. Holy what the f**k !!! Knew it would be good but this good
  6. Hold on to your Mark 4's I guess...though I like the design with all its shortcomings
  7. Drag Me To Hell deserves a mention too...I think quite a few scene setups can come only from someone who directed that one.
  8. For me it is The Witness. Though I felt that the S02 was a notch down from the first one overall. Looking forward to the third one.
  9. This I can agree with. A prequel with the origin story of the old couple can be interesting.
  10. Bruce Wayne in ‘this’ movie is channelling his rage on to the thugs of Gotham with a misplaced sense of justice. That much is evident with the way he beats them up and approaches combat. So yes, he is brash and irresponsible. Makes him look more human and way over his head. That’s why i said he is an amateur. The arc of getting from here to the The Dark Knight is what interests me which I hope will happen over couple more movies instead of becoming a legend in span of one movie. At least this was my takeaway from this Batman. You can always compare with Batman of previous movies and comics and find things you like and dislike in relation to your favourites. But every creator has their own interpretation and portrayal of Batman and I looked at it separately from the others. Having said that every criticism is valid and interesting because it fuels discussion and opens up to other point of views.
  11. I get where your views are coming from and this one’s surely different from the other mainstream batman we have seen until now but i guess Matt Reeves has his own vision regarding portrayal of dark knight.
  12. That's amateur Batman for you.. guy's still learning the ropes, give him a break. He will get around to the batman we know soon hopefully.
  13. That was a literal 'beacon of hope' metaphor.
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