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  1. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 was fun. This is Mappa at its best.
  2. I would still suggest to play through the end of the story where I am sure you are gonna stare at the screen for few seconds at the big twist and then facepalm(if the ending is not spoiled for you). There are few neat sequences in the end though. The one on the mother base plus the metal gear boss fight comes to mind.
  3. Promising upcoming Indian content on Netflix. Meanwhile Bollywood wonders why audiences are not coming to theatres...
  4. Shouldn't be posting this as a joke video but damn the tenacity of these guys. Hats off to the UP waale bhaiyyas
  5. Any ideas as to when AmEx starts accepting new applications?
  6. Iphone 14 pro starts ₹ 130000…wtf is that pricing How is that equivalent to $999? Wasnt it supposed to be ₹99999? iphone 14 starts from ₹79990 which seems to be on par with $799.
  7. Hope they dont eff it up....looks really promising
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