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  1. Hey, can you PM me the HDFC CC email id’s where I can send a grievance mail. My cc is up for renewal and would like to try my rotten luck for an infinia. Any news as to when AMEX is gonna accept new card users?
  2. R3D_D3ViL

    Evil West

    Is it me or this one plays a lot like God of War except for guns? The levels too seem to be designed that way.
  3. Crisis Core remaster got me interested. Is this somewhere between a remaster and a remake because the character models and environments have been redone to an extent? Should have a separate thread of its own.
  4. It is not yet confirmed whether the NC17 is actually just because of the rape scene and i didn't mean for that. But it is Marilyn Monroe after all and she was hollywood’s most enduring sex symbol, so you know. Nevertheless removing the emoji from my original comment as it seems to be in poor taste in context of a difficult topic.
  5. This one is rated NC17, so expect some extreme stuff
  6. Nobody makes CGI's better than Blizzard in this business.
  7. Top Gun Maverick - Holy f**k!! Now I get where all the hype came from. Even the a**hole chatterboxes in the auditorium couldn't ruin the thrill. The 2nd half is pure gold and one heck of a rollercoaster ride. Masterfully edited and shot. Cruise bhai never disappoints. Excitedly looking forward to the SpaceX project he would be working on. This one reminded me of another under-appreciated movie called Stealth. That was an enjoyable popcorn flick which I bunked my tuitions to watch in a movie hall.
  8. 300,000 rats at any given time against 5000 in Innocence. That's massive!! . Game looks downright gorgeous in few places.
  9. I think these ppl just stumbled onto this. They probably did not have any intention to develop a sentient AI as such. Pichai literally demoed Lamda at Google I/O 2021. Now that google has put the engineer in question on paid administrative leave because of breaching confidentiality agreement who knows where is this heading.
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2022/06/11/google-ai-lamda-blake-lemoine/ This gave me goosebumps. I never thought we will get to see a sentient AI so early in my lifetime.
  11. Does it look like the 2022 releases are all probably lined up in the order of their release dates? If yes, then it seems like Somerville and Plague Tale are coming quite soon. Cant say the same about 2023 lineup though.
  12. So 2 days back bought a mobile for my Dad through FK. Exchanged an old phone which had shown a value of 3250 bucks. The phone got delivered today and the old one got exchanged no question asked. One off maybe.
  13. Final Fantasy 16's combat director worked on Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon's Dogma https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/final-fantasy-16-devil-may-cry-5-combat/
  14. It seems HDFC have their own criteria or something because when I got my Regalia card it came with a credit limit of 8L (my RM couldnt get me the card and when i applied through website, these people happily came to me and done the processing for LTF). Over time it has now increased to 13L where the bank themselves sent messages for credit limit upgrades from time to time. I hardly spend an avg of 30k per month on this card. I am looking for an infinia upgrade but the RM is not bothered again. Probably either you have to have a sizeable bank balance or business with them through multiple products or have a hefty spending on the card for them to consider upgrading. But isnt it true for all the banks though?
  15. Maybe 4-5 yrs now, don't remember exactly. I have two A/c's with them - Savings and Sal plus a life insurance cover.
  16. I got credit limit extension thrice on my regalia, the last one as recent as in the last 3-4 months.
  17. https://m.rediff.com/news/special/the-warrior-named-bindaas/20220530.htm Such a badass
  18. It stays with you man...surreal stuff. Someone should give this guy a full length animation film.
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