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  1. Where did you get it from? And damages please? Was looking to get it until a month earlier and was in touch with an importer but the guy didn’t seem very interested in selling even though he apparently had it in stock.
  2. Not coming to Gamepass. Xbox confirmed it was an error. https://www.eurogamer.net/visions-of-mana-not-coming-to-game-pass-xbox-confirms
  3. Will DM if i choose to upgrade. Thanx man.
  4. 10000 bonus points plus 1000 bucks amazon voucher.
  5. So I am being offered an upgrade to AMEX Platinum Travel from Gold Charge. Does the gold charge card become obsolete after that or does it become ltf? Does the reward points for both of the cards will be accumulated together, if both of the cards are active? Also is it a good upgrade overall?
  6. Is there a limit to when we can buy and activate apple care+ for any apple device? I want to buy one for Airpod pro 2 which i bought around April this year.
  7. No luck man...it is offering cards worse than what i hold now. Also the mail from CC is like fill up this upgrade form and send to us and we do not give pre-approved card offers to anyone. WTF!
  8. So i had got an offer for upgrade to Regalia Gold before devaluation of the regular Regalia. The new one did not entice me that much so forgone it then. How do I go about upgrading now if I want to? Dont want to get in touch with my RM...bugger is good for nothing.
  9. Just curious about something...are there any hidden wonder seeds outside of the ones shown when you get into a level? Also any tips as to how discover all the secrets? The game is incredible and I really feel like 100%ing this.
  10. The last two games from EA Motive was good...so fingers crossed.
  11. Correct or atleast an approximate of that. Also try not to charge the phone willy nilly. The batteries on 14 series are good enough to last 1.5 days with moderate use. Mine is at 98% after a year. Thinking of buying a magsafe charger but heard that wireless charging degrades battery faster thus not pulling a plug on that yet.
  12. Is it Regalia Gold any better than the normal Regalia? Got an upgrade offer but doesnt look like much of an upgrade over the existing one.
  13. I am not from either of the cities so not happening for now.
  14. Lets see. As per official sites it is getting sold at Swatch stores in Mumbai and Delhi but they dont seem to have it in their store.
  15. It is a toss up between to Mission to Moon and Pluto. Though I don't know why Mission to Neptune is so sought after. The blue is like too bright (personal opinion). It is getting sold for insane amount on secondary market.
  16. R3D_D3ViL

    Remnant 2

    How's performance on S if thats where you are playing?
  17. Bluepoint, Housemarque and Bungie are currently working on new AAA IP...count me intrigued.
  18. I am looking for a moonswatch but dont know how to procure one for a reasonable price.
  19. I mean where are more avenues to actually innovate software wise in both the OS’s. Any additional features these days just turns out to be gimmicks or not often used or forgotten in daily use. Agreed iphone is boring in that way but it is a solid phone nevertheless with unmatched support and longevity. For most I think thats all matters.
  20. And this is more or less Far Cry on Pandora.
  21. If you have netflix sub, it is showing up on app store now.
  22. What is the point of the acquisition then if there has to be a platform parity? By that metric all first party games by all platforms needs to have platform parity. Xbox does need players to play exclusively on their platform to compete with others right?
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