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  1. Dont get to see such VFX breakdowns outside of Corridor Crew. More of this pls.
  2. Guys which online platform would you suggest for all kind of investments which is hassle free and does not have hidden charges. Kind of confused with so many out there.
  3. R3D_D3ViL

    Resident Evil 4

    Anyone playing on xbox, is the controller aiming actually borked or it plays fine?
  4. R3D_D3ViL

    Resident Evil 4

    It sounds as if it is pouring cats and dogs but visually seems like drizzling.
  5. Joel was selfish alright but I would do what he did if my kid was on that table...wouldn't think twice. Part 1 was always about how far would you go to protect your loved ones.
  6. R3D_D3ViL

    Remnant 2

    This has me psyched
  7. So the Daniels before winning the Oscar today directed this music video nine years back. Daniel Kwan stars in it as well. Be careful where you watch this -
  8. Funnily crossfade is available on apple music on android but not on ios. Go figure
  9. Got it. It seems to me like Spotify is more of a habit than anything else and that's perfectly fine. There is something called New Music Mix on the Listen Now tab that gets refreshed every Friday and is curated specifically to your listening habits. There is obviously separate app for podcasts and I personally prefer to keep both my music and podcasts separate and this arrangement suits me. What takes the cake for me is the Hi-res and spatial options on apple music for the given price of subscription. Spotify is severely lagging in this. Infact Apple One is one of the most VFM sub that I pay for. They are about to add apple music classical without any extra cost.
  10. Just curious, what does Spotify do better than Apple music, apart from UI maybe?
  11. Infinity Pool turned out to be batshit crazy and depraved. Poses interesting moral questions. Mia Goth is close to making it big, just needs the right projects to come to her. The girl is phenomenal here. Also nice to see Cronenberg Jr. come to his own. He will carve his own niche into the horror genre like his father.
  12. R3D_D3ViL

    Atomic Heart

    What about open world impressions? Most of the cons i read about are related to hoard of enemies on the outside gunning for your life and they come back to life soon after because of the healer robots. You cant explore freely because of this and the solution to do away with this problem is also kinda temporary.
  13. Any idea regarding physical copies of Metroid Prime Remastered in India and how much is it selling for? Looking to buy one.
  14. I would recommend Servant as well
  15. +1. If you have grown up watching and loving classic bollywood movies (not the crap that gets peddled today), you owe yourself to watch this. It is a real heartfelt tribute to Yash Chopra and an intriguing look at what Yash Raj films have come to be today. Given the recluse Adi Chopra is, I always imagined him to be a hard taskmaster running the studio but the guy comes off as disarmingly honest and to the point when he talks about movies. Mr. Yash Chopra might be the genius filmmaker but it is Adi Chopra who is the mastermind behind the powerhouse that is Yash Raj Films. Pleasantly surprised with this.
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