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  1. Hades getting awesome reviews warms my heart. Probably one of the best roguelites I have played.
  2. https://kotaku.com/report-nintendo-releasing-upgraded-switch-model-in-2-1844836282
  3. Apparently, it is a Devil Daggers meets Hotline Miami. Looks trippy as hell.
  4. What’s with the resolve and hp not depleting? Some late game skill?
  5. Damn!! Nintendo Switch Lite is selling for unreasonable amount of money.
  6. They apparently did spend $ 500 million on Halo Infinite. God knows where that money went.
  7. Holy Cow!!!! This game is pretty as hell So this where all that Microsoft money went...
  8. Sekiro’s combat is on a different level but GoT’s combat system stands well on its own. There are upgradeable stances to take care of different enemies, There is a deflection and evasion skill tree, you have different charms and outfits that effects the combat, then there are different ghost skills and items that either help you stealth killing enemies better or help take out large group of enemies better. The combat keeps opening up and gets better as you keep playing.
  9. Reminds me of Takeshi's Castle. Nostalgia
  10. The Last Of Us official podcast, I feel, is THE definitive take on both the games. It feels good to feel validated that a lot of my interpretations about the story, characters are in fact how the writers had meant it to be. Great content. Brought back lot of memories including this one. Feels like ages since I have played TLOU2
  11. It is not showing up for me as well. I guess it is sold out everywhere.
  12. How do you download the pre-order content? Last when I checked they were under a timer even though the game was pre - loaded.
  13. I don't know if the below article applies to this but.. https://kotaku.com/ghost-of-tsushima-is-being-praised-by-japanese-critics-1844387298 Famitsu gave it a 100% score. Apparently only the 3rd western developed game to get perfect score..
  14. Are you guys gonna play with Japanese VO? The characters are lip synced to english and not japanese.
  15. https://mega.nz/file/LVAGyA5Y#m9r3sVn8CMhDQAUb4oBpK6cMSiZNuRLhW15LXiilTAY 1 hr of gameplay - screengrab
  16. Where is this gonna stream here?
  17. I guess I am in minority as well. Loved the Western Ghats in LL
  18. Whooo boy you are gonna be surprised...
  19. They do not fall like flies if the difficulty is set up to Grounded. This is meant to be a survival game after all. The game nowhere spells out that David was a pedophile. If him touching Ellie's fingers gently or suggesting that he will take care of her or some other guys saying that Ellie is David's new project or something on similar lines; makes us interpret that he is pedophile. But on a very basic level he too wants to care for Ellie in the same way Joel does. I am not saying cannibalism is justified but given the desperation to provide for food in peak winter to a community, I can understand if that is what they have resorted to. Anybody who is in power will do whatever it takes to be in power, nobody is going to surrender it away just like that. That is human nature I believe. And groups did come out to oppose one another. The fireflies were a resistant movement against the military or even the rival faction you talk about that overthrew the military in Pittsburgh. It is just that everybody has their own ideology and nobody is innocent. Part 2 is all about, 'every choice has a consequence'. Cant say anything about the Seraphites yet. I am at a part where I am assuming I will get to know who these guys really are but for the rest I came to understand that nothing should be taken at face value.
  20. Even the cannibal dude (David) is not a bad guy. He is providing and taking care of his people. Maybe his way of doing things (cannibalism) is not right but in times where survival matters and everyday is a struggle, ends justifies the means. And if David's pedophilia makes him a bad guy so does Joel's tendency for mass murder. Everybody in this world has their own reasons for being the way they are.
  21. Is it just me or Lev is funny?
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