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  1. Mizanurification

    The TV Decision Making thread

    Get the Full HD one for 18k.
  2. Mizanurification

    The Indie Games Thread - Out now: OUTWARD

    Been playing Risk of Rain and its pretty good.
  3. Mizanurification

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

  4. Mizanurification

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2

    March 2020 >_>
  5. Mizanurification

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Oneplus phones are pretty water resistant, just doesnt have certification to cut down cost. Check youtube for water resistance test.
  6. Mizanurification

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Started watching Made In Heaven. Really good first half but kinda falls halfway.
  7. Mizanurification

    APEX Legends

    Havoc. 🤮 Looks good enough though.
  8. Mizanurification

    APEX Legends

    Depends on what rewards they are giving. No point in buying BP for common quips and stuff. 🤔 Will wait for some impressions on youtube and then get it.
  9. Mizanurification

    APEX Legends

    Battlepass coming out tomorrow.
  10. Mizanurification

    Battlefield V

    Holy sh*t that trailer. But they shouldve left out vehicles in BR.
  11. Oopps didnt knew they changed the offer. Thought the buds were for 3k. 😅

  12. Mizanurification

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Sell it for 5k to me. Edit: Just read that the coupon is for 5k. Thought it was 3k. My bad.
  13. Mizanurification

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Olx kinda shady.
  14. Mizanurification

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    If someone(who bought the S10) is not using the Samsung Earbuds offer, kindly order it for me. Dont mind paying for it.
  15. Mizanurification

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    I saw my uncle using M20 and it looks great but there is some overlapping issue with the font and some stuff look weird in the UI. And somehow its just felt "laggy". Would recommend something from MI in that budget.