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  1. ^ Did u have to give proof of the previous unboxing?
  2. For a minute I thought that puppy was a toy then i read the post. 😍
  3. Need suggestions for buying a microoven. Gonna gift it to my brother, a family of two. Currently using a LG one, but whenever i heat something, for e. g. rice, it becomes hard. Its a convection one. Any solution for that?
  4. Received my gift. Will post the pics in the evening. Thanks @HundredProofSam
  5. Nobody received their gifts yet kya? My gifts are on the way to Banta.
  6. It says you have 10 days to do it so i would say to go directly to the customs/post office with a written letter. Didn't knew customs were capable of such thorough investigation. If the watch isn't expensive i wouldn't go through the trouble. Pretty sure if they are not satisfied with the documents, they will charge a hefty fine for undervaluing and stuff.
  7. Can't u just pay them customs and release it?
  8. From playing with Ninja toy bikes to owning something similar. 😁 Yamaha R15 V3.
  9. In. 😁 New members should check previous SS gift threads to get an idea of what gifts should be given. It's important to do a little research about what your bunty wants. ☃️
  10. Pretty sure they will make a non-vr mode. 🤔
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