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  1. Just a heads up for people planning to buy Samsung or Apple flagships, call recording doesn't work with WiFi Call enabled. BTW those using iPhone 12, are u guys satisfied with the phones battery? Had terrible experience earlier with iPhone 8.
  2. See S02 out too. Wonder why no one mentioned it. S01 was great.
  3. Best method would be to buy games for others and sell at discounted price. You will have to suffer a bit of loss, but consider it as a commission. You can try IndianGamers on reddit. But not sure if selling is allowed.
  4. Average, at best. I stopped watching midway.
  5. Yea that's annoying as f**k. It wasn't so bad in earlier shows. Gotta ignore that. Its worth watching.
  6. New TVF show released. Aspirants. Saw a bit and quality seems good and interesting. TVF always makes such high quality content. 👍
  7. Yea the animation is bad if u compared to stuff from Pixar movies, but this comicky designs gives off a cool vibe. You get used to it. The suspense behind the plot is epic, feels something created by George Martin. One can pop off anytime. And the resemblance with other main stream heroes is funny. Did Kirkman just rip off other popular heroes to make his characters? 8.5/10, till ep 5.
  8. He is referring to the Frank Grillo one. First time hearing about it.
  9. Both Flash and Iris had this connection going on before the scene, even Iris was staring at Barry . There is a line between being a creep and a romantic. If you consider that as creepy, u are probably having a hard time with the opposite gender.
  10. Rottentomatoes ratings are totally nonsensical. IMDB ratings are better and more accurate. I always check if a movie is good or not.
  11. This went under my radar. Seems good. Both The Last Kingdom and Kingdom are great shows. TLK season 3 was just on another level. Watching New Amsterdam now. Decent watch.
  12. Been playing Valheim since launch. Its pretty great game to chill out. Must have if u played Rust and Ark. If anyone needs an Indian dedicated server, ping me on Steam. Got 3-4 people playing regularly.
  13. If anyone needs biometric door/cabinet lock, let me know.
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