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  1. From playing with Ninja toy bikes to owning something similar. 😁 Yamaha R15 V3.
  2. In. 😁 New members should check previous SS gift threads to get an idea of what gifts should be given. It's important to do a little research about what your bunty wants. ☃️
  3. Pretty sure they will make a non-vr mode. 🤔
  4. Cool. Planning to download everything and binge watch after the movie releases and the show ends. I remember binge watching the 6 movies, was a different experience altogether. Didn't like it when i watched solo movies.
  5. Was that was that .... at the end of Mandalorian E1? Is this like a prequel before everything? Is there a timeline for the entire star wars saga?
  6. Climbing a ladder and using ziplines was so cool back then. 😅
  7. Ayushmaan and Rajkumar sign up for really good movie. Do watch Andhadun and Trapped if you haven't.
  8. Has a deep management system. You need to keep a track of what's happening. The game does give a fair amount of notifications but like all sim games, once u get the formula right u can leave the game on autoplay and will be earning sh*t to of money. One animal was able to survive for around 5 hours REAL TIME. There is a trait called Longevity which calculates the time it will stay alive. Don't knnow why people were complaning about fast times. There's a ton sh*t of variety in all the stuff. I spend around 5 hours just building 3 habitats in franchise mode. 😌 It's also difficult since all the good animals are being sold for CC which is hard to earn. Also the game is giving weekly online challenges and rewarding with costumes and stuffs for ur Avatar. The tutorials are pretty good too, to get the hang of things. 8/10
  9. There is hardly any issue with the speed. It's a management game, not real life animal simulator. It will be tiresome after a while watching animals grow and stuff. Though they could introduce a slow mode for the hardcore people.
  10. Game is pretty good. Played for 3-4 hours. Didn't have any game breaking bug or issues with online. Did have 1-2 crashes though. Definitely the Zoo Tycoon reboot we've been waiting for.
  11. From what I've read around, people are too bored to finish the game and review it. And they can't review it unless they finish it coz of Sony's embargo. Also comparing WWE2KTATTI game to DEATH STRANDING? Come on... 🤭 It shouldn't be struggling like this. With all the hype surrounding it, it was destined for a magnificent 10/10 money train for sony.
  12. It's just IGN. There seems to be some bad blood between IGN and Frontier. Read somewhere that even small time reviewers and YTubers got the code for review. Since there is no preload I'll wait for some reviews too.
  13. Is anyone getting the game here?
  14. Hello Zookeepers! We can't wait to share Planet Zoo with you in just a few days! On 5 November we are launching globally and you will finally be able to play through the entire story in Career Mode, develop your global zoo network in Franchise Mode, test your zoo management skills with Challenge Mode, and unleash your limitless creativity in Sandbox Mode! You're probably as excited as we are, and we know many of you have been asking what time the game will go live. Today we're happy to share the global Planet Zoo release times with you, so you know exactly when you can start playing: Los Angeles4:00 AM PST Calgary5:00 AM MST Chicago6:00 AM CST Mexico City6:00 AM CST New York7:00 AM EST Toronto7:00 AM EST Rio de Janeiro9:00 AM BRT London12:00 PM GMT Paris1:00 PM CET Athens2:00 PM EET Cape Town2:00 PM SAST Moscow3:00 PM MSK Istanbul3:00 PM TRT Dubai4:00 PM GST New Dehli5:30 PM IST Bangkok7:00 PM ICT Beijing8:00 PM CST Seoul9:00 PM KST Tokyo9:00 PM JST Brisbane10:00 PM AEST Sydney11:00 PM AEDT Auckland1:00 AM NZDT (Wednesday 6 November) *Please note release is global and pre-loading is not possible. We've also got an update on Beta saved games progress as well as your Steam Workshop items. As mentioned in the Beta Information post, we previously weren't sure that your saved games would function on launch day. We're now happy to report that your Career Mode - Scenario 1 save file will still be valid, however for the best play experience we do recommend starting over again – whilst we have tested many different saves we cannot 100% guarantee all save files will work. Franchise Mode save files will no longer function, so you are free to start over your new Franchise! In terms of the Planet Zoo Steam Workshop blueprints that were uploaded during the Beta, they will stay on the Steam Workshop and should all work in-game. Beta blueprints are marked with a "Beta" tag on the Workshop. If your blueprint doesn’t function in game, it may be because some of the assets have been updated and might need re-positioning. Lastly, for those who have played the Beta, you will automatically be credited 500 Conservation Credits to your account as a thank you for pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition and providing us with such amazing feedback. As per our recently posted November Streaming Schedule, we will be counting down to launch from 10:30 AM GMT in our official Launch Livestream - be sure to tune in for some chats with the developers and awesome prizes! See you soon!
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