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  1. Saw The Terror S2 E1 and its actually much better than S1. Has more of the "horror element" expected from a series named The Terror. Hope the rest of the season is as good.
  2. The problem with the current NFS games is the lack of customization. I wanna make really cool cars with neons and sh*t. A mixture of Test Drive 2 + Underground would make a perfect game.
  3. Got Project Winter yesterday on sale and its pretty great.
  4. finished dark s2. it was pretty good but it needs to end. kinda getting repetitive. read in wiki s3 is the last one. 8/10 starting the boys now.
  5. Same thing u can order from Alie for 200-300. 😛
  6. Been using these from Ali for my S3: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cPpAaU9K Looks pretty good.
  7. Can admins manually increase feedbacks? If so people who have lost their feedbacks can ask to reinstate their feedback on giving a proof ( email, tapatalk notifications, etc.). This is just a suggestion. Also can the forum be rented for a longer period of time? Members can contribute a little and we can rent it for a longer period so it doesnt crash in future. And also there is no reason for a single person (HPS) to keep paying for a service all of us are using.
  8. Hope they add THIS IS SPARTA finisher kick.
  9. Nice photo. Kaunsa mobile hai? Jk. Congo. 😋
  10. Check out this recommended store on AliExpress. Find great products at low prices! http://s.aliexpress.com/muQBnMBf?fromSns=Copy to clipboard Havent tried it myself. Check the reviews on Aliexpress and headfi.
  11. Get it from AliExpress if u want Bluedio.
  12. ^ That's what I was thinking. They seem to be kinda overpriced. Will print out the posters but confused about what to use. People with posters post pics. 😅
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